Vampire Real Stories Watch the amazing facts about the vampires who live in our world!


A significant number of us have at any point perused fantasies from history, like vampires, Alice in Wonderland, or Sleeping Beauty, and furthermore legends like Baba Yaga, "The Swamp Witch", Ali Baba, Blue Dove, etc.

However, have you at any point thought, dear peruser, that a portion of these accounts may be genuine? Follow us to find vampires real stories.

Vampire Real Stories Watch the amazing facts about the vampires who live in our world!

vampires real stories

As a matter of first importance, I might want to disclose to individuals who are inexperienced with the film "Nightfall", this is a progression of movies about vampires, separated into 4 sections, a dream and a heartfelt film, in view of a book. Our article will be about the accounts of genuine individuals who guarantee to be vampires.

Secret universe of dusk

They might have passed close to you out and about from where you don't feel, their garments are ordinary, they look typical, they don't stand out and don't excite doubt. In any case, they are important for a secret world supported by mystery and mystery, a world covered with a dull cloak under which they lie discreetly, on the grounds that they don't look for the lights, nor do they uncover their insider facts to anybody. 

You will go through an entire time on earth dear peruser without seeing somebody, or understanding his quality around you, however, trust his essence, he will be nearer to you than you envision, and somebody might come to you eventually and approach you as a companion, relative or darling, murmuring in your ear with energy asking And ask a couple of drops of your blood!

Then, at that point, you will realize that what you saw on the screen was not simply gibberish and that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (Twilight) are not a deception. 

Vampire stories are true to people who claim to be

vampires real stories of people who played vampires and live as you live.

A person named Belfaraz loves blood :

  • Ashantison bilferase

Name: Belfras Ashantison, Vampire Society of New Orleans

Age: 44

Occupation: Spiritual guide

Home: New Orleans

Vampire Type: (Blood Drinker) and Spiritual (Energy Feeder)

citation :

I'm a vampire, and I was brought into the world with a physiological condition that keeps me from setting up sufficient fundamental day by day exercises to achieve even rudimentary assignments. 

"I'm a vampire, blood is the most ideal way to get energy," said Belfraz, 44, of New Orleans, as he put his hand on the rear of another person who removed his shirt and remained close by, cleaning the particular piece of the man's body with sanitizer once more. 

He took a taste of a similar arrangement, flushed his mouth, and afterward let it out, cleaning his lips cautiously, loosening up his hand and placing it in his jeans pocket, taking out a blade and sanitizing it with the arrangement.

then, at that point, utilizing it to open a little injury that had recently disinfected the spot on the rear of an individual, and when the blood descended he put his mouth on the injury and started to suck Bleeding blood, another man stood unobtrusively and paused, portraying his sentiments as: "It's humiliating yet not exceptionally agonizing, at the end of the day it's simply a piercing or tattoo on the skin."

  • A medical caretaker loves blood (Kira)

Name: Kira, establishing individual from the Atlanta Vampire Alliance

Age: 33

Occupation: Registered attendant in the Department of Cardiology

Spot of home: Atlanta

Type: Energy Nourishing Vampire

the statement :

I believe I'm a vampire, so I wouldn't stress over losing rest around evening time to any individual who may believe I'm somewhat unusual.

We left Belgrade and his partners, entered an administration facility in Atlanta, met a medical caretaker named Kira who was a superb young lady, her honest grin and unadulterated white garments mitigating the spirit, a thoughtful courier of sacredness.

 Anyway, she is likewise a vampire! I don't have the foggiest idea how the two met?! Nonetheless, Kira accepts that her work doesn't struggle with her conduct as a vampire, as she doesn't drink blood like Belpharz however assimilates otherworldly energy.

She attempted to suck blood previously yet won't suck blood any longer, with respect to that she said, "I've sting and tasted blood however now I'm not searching for volunteers to draw blood from their bodies and drink it. 

I attempt to do how I will be moral, and I attempt to routinely use the significant energy To the various gatherings around me without harming anyone. Keira lives in two unique characters, a clinical chief by day and a vampire by night.

 She attempted to maintain her mysteries as quiet as conceivable in light of the fact that nobody in her work environment knew how she was treating night, and she was not an establishing individual from Atlanta Vampire League. 

  • Mrs. V

Name and Occupation: Suzy Park, a volunteer at the Center for Handicapped Children.

Parasitic sort: (blood consumer)
A long way from Kira and Belfraz, in a peaceful and separated house in England, other than the faint red light in an extremely faint room, there is a rich dark stone casket with red.

covering, and in the final resting place lies a lady who says she is Mrs. V. Her garments are dark, and her eyes are red, and her eye pockets have long teeth, All this recommends that she may be essential for a vampire film however it isn't. 

At the point when the 12 PM ringer rings at
12 o'clock, "V" stands yawning from the casket and connects with the glass receptacle on the wooden table close to the final resting place.

There is a dark red fluid at the lower part of the cup. Mrs. V carried it to her mouth and took a couple of tastes enthusiastically, as though she were drinking her morning espresso, and proceeded, "Blood is the main thing that can extinguish my thirst and cause me to feel invigorated.

Early the next morning Mrs. V went to work, but now she was an ordinary middle-aged woman, dressed in casual clothes and a white shirt and blue jeans, the vegetative teeth gone and the red eyes gone. Everything in her appearance becomes different even her name, as her current name is Mrs. 

Suzy Park, and works as a volunteer at the Center for Handicapped Children and teaches them to read, cook and sing. What happened? What is this big shift? There is a difference between awful Mrs. V and beautiful Mrs. 

Park! Suzy noticed our surprise and smiled and said, "Yes, it's Mrs. V but in day clothes!" Then she explained her story to us and said: 

"In my life, I always feel that something is missing, then she said that six years ago she met a vampire named Lord Sebastian, and he helped and guide her to find the way to enter the world of blood. 

From the moment she tasted human blood I knew that she had fallen in love and found herself in the end. Suzy said she first saw a vampire in 2003 When I met Lord Sebastian at a discotheque.

 he took me to an old house on the outskirts of town, they call the place of the former dead, the place of the vampire tribe, and showed me how to live like a vampire.

" After a while, Suzy found her place in the group, and she must abide by their laws, the most important of which are mystery and secrecy, as she cannot eat garlic and does not come close to garlic. 

She would go out with them through the city roads at dusk, and then go back to sleep in her coffin. In order to become a full member of the group, she must pass the main assessment test that is important to the life of every vampire.

which is drinking blood. Regarding this, Suzy said, "They took me to a mysterious room they call the Infernal Chamber. I was neither afraid nor anxious, on the contrary, I was very excited. 

For me, this is another process of direct transformation into a real vampire. In the room, I saw Sebastian Lord Anne take a knife he used to cut one of his veins, let the blood flow into an old bronze cup and then hand it to me. As if they gave me a new life. 

In the end, we cannot ignore vampires real stories and the presence of these people who describe themselves as "vampires", who create councils and associations through which they communicate with each other.

say that they are convinced of their difference from ordinary humans who call them "normal", and they hope that one-day medical sciences will discover What is the reason for their differences?