The legendary myth of Baba Yaga


The myth of Baba Yaga

Since ancient times, humans have tried to explain everything that happens in nature based on fairy-tale characters, myths, and fantasy creatures without resorting to scientific research and knowledge, but now we are witnessing horrible scientific developments in the world.

 These ancient creatures and novels have become stories that we tell children, even if they do what we ask them to do, or go to bed early, that's not to deny that there are still people who believe in it.

The legendary myth of Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga Superstition

Baba Yaga is a very famous and interesting figure in Slavic mythology, translating her name almost means an elderly woman or grandmother, but don't let this fool you because Papa Yaja's tales have terrified children for years. 

Baba Yaga is not an ordinary witch, she does not ride a broom and does not wear a pointed black hat, but often portrays her as a young elderly woman with a large deformed nose and long iron teeth.

often her clothes are a breach, and the very dirty Baba Yaja can fly using a giant hammer with her broom, she made a silver sandal to remove any trace she might have left behind. 

Some say in Baba Yaja that she is the grandmother of satan, and it is said that she may have given birth to children at some point in most of the differences in most differences in most differences in the differences in the majority of the differences in her life. 

In the story she lives on the edge of the forest in a log cabin, her house is not an ordinary house because it is supported by two giant chicken legs and they can uproot and move whenever needed.

 and there are no windows and often the door can only be opened by telling him a magical phrase turn your back into the forest in front of me.

The fence around the house is made of human bones with skulls at the top to warn anyone who might dare to enter it. 

Papa Yaja is reported to eat only children, but she is known to eat strangers who have not been lucky enough to become lost in her forest, despite her appearance and behavior. 

Papa Yaja is reportedly not entirely evil. There are stories where she kidnaps and even eats children but there are also stories where characters are looking for Papa Yaja because of her knowledge Her guidance, which is looking for The myth of Baba Yaga.

is often portrayed as a dangerous person because she will ask visitors if they have come of their own volition or if someone else has sent them. 

Some people believe that for every question Papa Yaja is asked in which she will be one-year-old which may explain her reluctance to help, but this process can be reversed with a dose she makes of blue roses. 

Some people believe that Baba Yaja can control the weather and say you can tell.

When it is close because the wind and trees are howling, The legendary myth of Baba Yaga Says also has many servants who bid and the most famous of these are the three knights.

What does her name mean and who she is? 

Scientists from different countries tried to translate the word Baba Yaja, but they did not reach a consensus and there was no difference with the term women, it is safe to say that this part of the name means female, but what is the direct relationship with Yaja? 

For example, in the comic language the word 'yag' means the forest, 'Jeze' is translated from Czech as an evil aunt, in Slovenian the word 'Giza' means anger.

the Serbian-Croatian language 'Giza' means horror, and in Sanskrit, the word yoga comes from the ah root which translates in the sense of transition.

and if we go back to the original text, the translation of the previous Slavic word 'ega' means terror, danger, and anger.

Yaja is the guide 

In many Russian fairy tales, the protagonist must reach a faraway place to achieve his goal, Baba Yaja helped solve this problem and as one story said when the prince and the farmer and any other close friends come to the grandmother's house they will ask her for help.

 at first, Yaja refused and feared the hero, but then showed him her terrible place of residence and talked about her nightmare behavior and the pain he had to endure.

her anger turned into pity and began to warm the bathtub, She carefully lifted the guest and said it was just a weather bath.

papa yaja the healer

Papa Yaja can cook a variety of dosing lover doses, dyes, dried herbs, generally fit the image of the processor in ancient times.

people who knew how to use nature gifts to achieve the effects of medical materials were often afraid but at the same time, they were respected and would only be contacted when they were urgently needed.

Ugly qualities and contradictions for Papa Yaja

  • Let's start with baba Yaga or baba yoga as 'Yaga' and 'yoga' two words that mean the same thing, yoga is a way of self-improvement, and the word 'Yaga' literally means the same meaning as 'I'm here, meaning 'Ga' sport ('Doro-ha', 'tele-ha', 'no-ha' and 'ha-gara').
  • The witch (an informed mother and teacher) worked as an assistant to a nice young man who asked her for advice, passed the therapist's test, and made a long journey but under the supervision of The Wise Yaja.
  • Baba Yaga is Phyllis's wife and a powerful witch, and many of the legends about her come from ancient Slavic mythology. 
  • Over time, the character gradually became evil and terrifying cannibal who lived in a forest with a strange house on a bird's leg that attracted people to her, yet it is not clear whether Baba Yaja is always a negative figure and the rituals and traditions associated with it are true.
  • All languages except Komia and Sanskrit indicate that the character was positive at first.
  •  In pre-Christian Russia, Yaja was considered the most famous, retaining tribal and popular traditions. After Russia's baptism, faith in the pagan gods began to be considered heresy, most of whom became evil and terrifying creatures, and this fate also moved to Baba Yaja, but she became evil and ugly woman whose appearance and behavior was frightening.
  • Many therapists really live in extreme isolation, often settling in the forest where the necessary herbs are easily found there, and no one can interfere with the preparation of the drug. In ancient mythology, it is often said that Baba Yaja frys children in the oven and stuffs them with a shovel.
  • According to fairy tales, every child knows today that Baba Yaga lives in a house on a chicken leg. And if you're wondering why this grandmother lives in such a house? The answer may be because in ancient times the Slavs used to build strange tombs for the dead, which were small buildings on stilts, located on the edge of the forest. 
  • There is an assumption that this is why Baba Yaga lives in a house like this, and her cottage can be considered the intersection of life and death. To protect her house, she erected a bone fence decorated with skulls. Yaja is happy to lure people home, usually, young people or children, to fry and eat in her huge oven.

In the end, if you analyze folk tales, Baba Yaga is more than just an evil old woman to evoke, it's something else that can organize time and space and possess supernatural power.

Since childhood, we all know Baba Yaja, which in most people's eyes is a very evil spirit hostile to people, but in fact, as we have seen it is not literally so. 

Whether you think Papa Yaja is eating evil children or smart old people, this story will continue to stir up conspiracies and horror as always.

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