Mexico's mysterious 'Belt of Silence' desert


Zone of Silence is forbidden to humans and animals!

Mysterious desert 

Man has always had a great curious motive and because of this motivation he was able to discover a lot of things, so we started discovering our ocean to the deep sea and even space. 

But nevertheless, many places on our planet are still shrouded in mystery and horror, for example, the Bermuda Triangle, but it is not the only one else, it is true that it is not as famous as the Bermuda Triangle, but after this article, you will discover that it is worse. 

Let me take you to the Desert of the Belt of Silence, an area in the middle of the arid Mapemi Desert in northern Mexico, and by chance, it is located on a latitude equivalent to Bermuda, and there is a warning board written in Spanish warning tourists not to enter the desert because they will see what they don't like there. 

Mexico's mysterious 'Belt of Silence' desert

The beginning of events 

 According to Dr. Santiago Garcia, since the mid-19th century, there has been an awareness of the strange characteristics of the region, when farmers in the region in the 1930s became aware of hot pebbles that frequently fall from the sky. 

A pilot from the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, Francisco Sarabia, reported that his radio system mysteriously stopped working, making him the first victim of the Belt of Silence. 

However, it was not until after 1970, when the U.S. military fired the Athens missile from the White Sands missile base in New Mexico, but the missile failed, so it landed and accidentally crashed in the area, and when the army tried to recover the remnants of the missile, they realized the mystery surrounding the area, which is popular among locals for its meteorite abundance

Why the area is named after that 

The rationale for calling it by this name is because there are no radio frequencies in it, in other words, it is absolute silence, a neighborhood isolated from the surface world, not only sand dunes but a mysterious card that prevents access from any frequency or radio oscillation or mobile signal and the satellite cannot monitor it>
 even the compass does not work and the sound of birds in the area is non-existent because they avoid passing through them during migration, which led some to call it the forbidden zone for humans and animals. 

Strange phenomena in the region 

As usual, when an individual finds something mysterious, he rushes to tamper with it out of fame or wealth or without curiosity, and this often happens indeed to the present desert, as many scientists reached on exploratory missions, including one of which was with one of its members a dog and this dog was very loyal and connected to his owner from a young age, but as soon as he entered the area he barked strangely and became looking in all directions as if he had seen something that his owner did not see and then escaped and disappeared. 
In one experiment, scientists placed a turtle inside that area, but soon managed its shell, examined the hot sun, extended its limbs outwards, and appeared to be going mad. Even birds known for their accuracy in positioning lose their minds as soon as they reach that area, and there are many stories and stories about them, but let's not go deeper into them so we don't get bored. 
It has been noted that a small group of people live near that area aware of its seriousness, and when the evening comes each of their resorts to their home for fear of what may happen or from the frightening view of the sky where celestial bodies seem frighteningly clear and close and said that they saw flying dishes hovering around the area and that everyone entering that area suffered from hallucinations or epilepsy. 
Scientists and researchers tried to find a logical scientific explanation for these strange phenomena but came up with the weak hypothesis that this place is surrounded by a very strong magnetic flow, possibly for geological reasons, causing frequencies, vibrations to disappear, and mysterious things to occur. As for those who believe in the theory of aliens, they believe that this region may be a gateway to our world for private purposes.

Mystery of antiquities in the region 

Very ancient relics within the area of silence are another concern for archaeologists, who are unable to calculate their age but undoubtedly form an astronomical observatory thousands of years old. 
In fact, there is no connection between Stonehenge (a prehistoric rock trail) of Mexico and the primitive tribes that gathered around the irrigation pit, an oasis in the arid region at some point in ancient times, and someone was very active in the area. 
They may have been interested in the large number of small meteorites attracted to the magnetic characteristics of the region, such as contemporary astronomers and geologists. 

 Access to the silence belt area 

The silence zone is located north of the cancer orbit and south of the 30th parallel, making it among a variety of other planetary deviations including the Bermuda Triangle

To reach the silence belt area you must follow the following steps: 

  • You should head north from Torino Koh on the highway towards Chihuahua for 83 miles.

  • You will pass the road leading to Mapimi and approach the silent area of Chihuahua, 190 miles south of the city on Highway 45.

  • Once you're out of the farthest road you'll get dirt trails, and from time to time you'll see small wooden signs with arrows saying 'Zona', you'll know if you're on track using the flat mountain in front of you as a teacher.