The puzzle of using a calculator in the past?


The mystery of the 2,150-year-old Greek computer!

Near a Greek island and in the middle of a very ancient Roman ship submerged, scientists discovered a strange device considered one of the most mysterious things on Earth. overturning all the concepts of the ancient world conceived by history scientists and researchers, raising many questions and putting many question signals to them. In this article, we will learn about one of the puzzles that scientists have been unable to solve. The puzzle of using a calculator in the past.

The beginning of the discovery of the Greek computer  

A calculator-like device but with a slight difference which is that it is 2150 years old!

In 1900, a Greek man named Alyas Stadiatos was diving to the seabed to collect sponges, doing his day-to-day work as usual.

but he was unlucky that day to get enough sponges, so he decided to dive somewhere else he had never dived in before. and on the seabed. he discovered the wreckage of an ancient Greek ship more than 200 feet below the surface of the water, a ship that had been full for 2,000 years. On many artistic and historical treasures that showed the world the extent of prosperity, progress, and sophistication reached by ancient Greek civilization.

scientists and researchers then transported the ship's artistic and historical treasures to Athens for cleaning and study.

The puzzle of using a calculator in the past?

Part of the artifact of the Greek device Antikythera Mechanism

Two years after the discovery of the ship and the historical treasures it contains in 1902 when a researcher was studying the treasure pieces he was caught in the eye of a worn piece of metal discovered with debris.
which was like toothed cupboards used with modern machines, and then after careful research discovered that the piece was part of a device associated with another set of toothed wheels of different sizes, which are somewhat similar to the wheels inside the watch.

This discovery later expanded the attention of scientists and made them do more research and study on these pieces. and eventually reached a shocking conclusion that turned all historical concepts upside down, about the extent of scientific and technical progress that existed in the ancient world. they found that the serrated cupboard is a calculator that calculates the places of the sun, moon, Falak, and brought in a specific period of time determined by the information that the user of the device enters. which means that it does the same work The computer is simple but with one difference is that the device is 2150 years old!

This device raised many questions and concepts about the scientific development of humanity in the past. and made some researchers go with their imagination away from theories about the quality of an ancient advanced civilization in a part of the Mediterranean destroyed and mysteriously disappeared.

and no one imagined the existence of such a calculator in the old world, and strangely enough is that the device was giving terrible mathematical results, and used many times calendars in order to give accurate results. for example, the number of days of the year is 365.25 days In this device, which means that it knew the leap year, which is not known by the ancient calendars until the appearance of the Greek or Rumi calendar in 46 BC. which took a century to develop to obtain accurate results, which means that the device is about 300 years ahead of it. and what distinguishes the device and gives a very strange character is that it provides an accurate set of information by incinerating thirty to seventy-two old states intertwined in a gentle and delicate way with each other as it is Something the world did not find until the 18th century.

The question here, is how did the ancients in 150 BC make such a device?

The question is puzzling and scientists still do not know precisely its answer, some scientists say that the device is only a summary of ancient science and that this shows that the ancient world was not as imagined by some retarded and primitive. but that there are many inventions such as the Hijaz of the Greek computer, as well as civilizations that gave a picture of the sophistication and great development in which it lived such as Babylonian, Pharaonic, Chinese, and Greek civilization. The latest news of the device is that a scientific research body developed for its study consisting of American, Greek, and British scientists, who concluded in 2008 that it was also used to determine the date of some games in the ancient Greek Olympics!

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