People who claimed to have traveled through time!


Time travel 

Time travel

Almost everyone of us has heard funny stories about time travel at least once in their lives, but what about them? Do they really exist?

In this article we will talk about some strange and suspicious stories of people who claimed to have traveled through time!

1. Two professors watch Marie Antoinette in Versailles in 1901 

In 1901, two professors from St Hugh's College in Oxford, England, named Anne Moberley and Eleanor, went to visit the French royal house called the Palace of Versailles before the abolition of the monarchy in 1792. In 1793, Marie Antoinette, the last member of the royal family to live in the Palace of Versailles, was executed.
As they wandered through the grounds of the palace, they saw Marie Antoinette drinking in a chair outside Betty Trianon - a private or secret place built by her husband Louis XVI, where she was sitting and painting, completely oblivious and unattrentive that someone was looking at her, and then suddenly disappeared when a tour guide approached the professors. The two professors wrote a book entitled Adventure, about their experience, and the story gained notoriety because of its sincerity and truth. Even though they were highly educated and respected teachers, they wouldn't make up a story like this that wasn't believed. So what do you think that was, dear reader? Have they already traveled through time? It's one of the most famous and compellingly described time travel stories!

2. Pilot sees plane for time travel 'future' 

In 1935, an air marshal named Sir Robert Victor Goddard was sent to inspect an abandoned and destroyed airport in Edinburgh. When he finished checking it, he returned to his plane to take off, but the rain was falling and so heavy that he could not see well. So he turned around and returned to the airport to wait for the storm to end. But suddenly something very strange happened when he approached the airstrip. The clouds faded, the sun shone, and the abandoned land became teeming with mechanics wearing blue suits. He saw on the tarmac four yellow planes, one of which was of the type he had never seen before, even though he was a military pilot and familiar with all the different aircraft models available at the time. He was very confused and was happening himself. Was he imagining? Was he hallucinating? Was he dreaming? Where it certainly can't be real. But the strange thing about the story here is that four years later, Robert returned to the airport after it was reused and built, and saw it complete with mechanics in a blue suit and yellow planes. Among those aircraft on the runway was the same aircraft he could not identify in 1935, the Miles Magster, first manufactured in 1938, three years after Robert saw it. Robert's story seems compelling because he wasn't trying to travel through time, but what happened to him was inexplicable!

3. Woolpit Green Kids

In the village of Wolbet in Suffolk, England, sometime in the 12th century, a boy and a girl were found alone who could not speak English or any other language, and their skin was green! But after a while the boy died and the girl stayed alive, learned to speak English, and then told someone where she came from. She said she came from a place called St. Maarten's Land and that she and her brother were taking care of their father's sheep. One day she and her brother were grazing sheep and found a cave and entered it, and after walking for a very long time, they appeared in Walbit. Maybe this story is just a fairy tale, but after all, it looks suspicious!

4. An elderly woman named Charlotte Warburton travels through time without realizing it

In 1968 in England, Charlotte Warburton went shopping in Tunbridge Wells and entered a café she had never seen before, which looked like an old-fashioned café with an antique décor that didn't look anything suspicious but what made her surprised was that customers were dressed in old-fashioned clothes as well. When I tried to return a few days later, he disappeared. Charlotte later learned that there was actually a café called Cosmos Kinema, but about 150 years ago! He was replaced by a supermarket long before Charlotte claimed she had entered it and visited him.

6. In 1996, a police officer claimed that he had travelled to the 1950s

A police officer shopping with his wife in Liverpool in 1996, the couple parted ways as his wife went to a library there while he decided to enter a CD shop. As he walked away from the library, he noticed that the street had suddenly become quiet. Then, a 1950 van passed in front of him. I roared and swerved around him.  Even more surprisingly, he saw everyone around him dressed in 1950s-style clothes.He was confused, and he tried to go back to the library, but he couldn't find it! A women's clothing store called Krebs was found in its place. So he went to the clothing store, but as soon as he did, the library found the store's place again. He later learned that the Krebs women's clothing store had not been around since 1950!

7. A mysterious man named 'John Tetor' was named in 2000, he is coming from 2036

In November 2000, a man named John Tetor claimed to be coming from 2036, saying the government had returned it to 1975 to restore ibm, which they needed to correct some computer software. It was alleged that there would be unrest in the United States in 2004 and civil war would break out by 2012. By 2015, the rapid Third World War will come and end, he said.  But of course none of these things happened. Curiously, his conversations about time travel were so detailed, he described his method and machine so precisely, that it seemed to people that it was impossible not to be telling the truth! In the end, the reader shared your opinion. Or are they claims of troubled people who want some fame?