Secret La Pascualita supermodel in Mexico 'stuffed'


La Pascualita - Mummified model in Mexico

Secret La Pascualita supermodel in Mexico 'stuffed'

We've all heard of mummified animals or corpses, so that's not an unusual tourist attraction. For example, there are many popes on display at the Vatican, or statues of the Aldworth Giants in St. Mary's Church, and it is natural that visitors flock to see Lenin's body preserved in Moscow's Red Square. 

No matter how terrible they are, these bodies have a certain historical significance. But that's not nearly the case in Los Angeles Pasqualeta, a tourist attraction in Mexico, people have always wondered if the model on display is a corpse or a doll! Behind the modest window of a small wedding shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, a small group of people gather outside, staring through the glass at the hands of a sweaty model, with glamorous eyes and a horrible smile, trying to solve a shocking mystery, And a strange secret for many people. 

Or, as local legend has it, la Pascuala Leyenda, a decades-old mummified corpse of a former shopkeeper's daughter! It has special skin-clun properties, vein-filled hands, and wrinkles, and cut nails, which have led many to believe that it is not a doll but is wonderfully preserved with a mummified body. 

When you look at the La Popular-La casa de Pascualita store from و afar you won't see anything strange. However, it hides (secretly). Follow the article with us to learn about Secret La Pascualita 2021. 

The Story of Lapascualita

The Story of Lapascualita

La Pascualita or Little Pascuala is a bride model who has been 'living' in a shop window in Chihuahua, Mexico since 1930. 

This is a very long time to keep a wedding shop with a model, but on the other hand, there is a strange history behind this doll. In keeping with urban mythology, La Pascualita is not considered a doll at all, but it is a well-preserved body of the daughter of the former owner. 

The haunting character called 'Secret La Pasqualeta' or 'Little Pascuala' first appeared in the window of the Chihuahua wedding shop since 1930 and since then, the doll's stunning realism has generated supernatural stories.

In the past eight years, this figure has attracted people from all over the desert state of Chihuahua, and now also attracts curious tourists from South America, the United States and Europe, according to the owners of the Lapopol store. 

When cars and trucks pass near the mall on the city's busy streets, visitors entering the shop smear their noses in front of the store window and then check whether it is a body or not. 

Most people walk away convinced that what is said about it is truth and not fiction, or a fairy tale and legends created by people, and say that they find it very realistic. Yolanda Robles, who came to the store from Phoenix, Arizona out of curiosity, said: 

'She's been looking very good here all these years.' 'There are a lot of details, such as hair and nails on her hands, which must be true.'

Over the years, Pasqualeta's Los Angeles story has attracted many visitors, including media celebrities, from all over Mexico to Chihuahua. Now, people from South America, the United States and Europe have also begun to visit the corpse bride. 

 Among those who visited the store were popular TV personalities such as Mario Kreutzberger, referred to as 'Don Francisco', whose joint show sparked interest in the character throughout Latin America. He considered getting a book for visitors until the opening of a small museum of Pasquailita.  This model has become a religious attraction in Mexico for religious Catholics, rather than a mummified body, a few people left atomic candles outside the store and attributed them to a miracle. 

La Pascualita was first installed inside the store window on March 25, 1930, wearing a seasonal spring wedding dress. The effect was immediate. People simply couldn't keep their eyes off this new model, and soon realized that this model was very similar to the daughter of store owner Pasquala Esparza at the time. It didn't take long for them to come to the conclusion that the doll was in fact a mummified body of his daughter, who recently died that day after being bitten by a Mactan Latrodectus mactans spider.   This conclusion did not go well with the locals, and they rejected the idea. But by the time a political statement was issued denying the rumors, it was too late. No one wanted to believe the statement. The daughter's name has been lost over time, and 'La Bakalita' has been stuck over the years.

Several strange incidents about the doll were later reported, none of which have of course been confirmed. 

A french magician sick of love is said to arrive at night and magically bring her back to life and take her to the city. Two other people think her looks are changing and following them around the store. 

At night, she is also believed to be changing positions inside the window. These tales are very scary, especially for store workers who need to see Pasqualeta every day.

Sonia Borsiaga, a shop worker, who has to change doll clothes twice a week, says:

'Every time I approach Pasqualita, the veins of her hands are visible, very realistic and she has varicose veins in her legs. I feel human.

'I decided to issue an official denial through a public notary in the city, but by then it was too late. No one believed her and stuck to the name 'Pasqualita'.

Mario Gonzalez, owner of the current store, said:

'I was getting abusive phone calls from angry citizens who accused me of embalming my daughter, and I decided to issue an official rejection through a public notary in the city, but by then it was too late. No one believed me and the name 'Pasqualita' remained stuck in their minds.

 One of the stories mentioned over the years

'One of the women during a violent argument with her boyfriend was close to the store. When she turned around to go away from her lover, he pulled out a gun and shot her.

' When I fell, she looked and saw the model inside the store window and said, 'Save me Pasqualita, save me!' and as it is said: 'She survived'. But while most Chihuahuas are convinced that La Pacualita is already a well-preserved corpse, the internet is full of explanations as to why this is often incorrect. 

For example, the Museum of Tricks states that 'it may be impossible to embalm someone and keep their flesh completely. For a number of reasons, people think it's easy to preserve the body, while one commentator adds, 'Yes, bodies get really bad unless some heroic measures are taken to preserve them and so, the body of Lenin and Mao has been kept mainly to a situation very similar to rubber, and they have been kept under external control conditions, and most of the elements carried out by the mortuary contractors are for the purpose of making the body look good until burial. Anything over two weeks, things start going really badly. Mummified may change something, but it won't be pretty.'

A model or a body? 

Over the years the story has flourished in a tale with all the rich characteristics of the magical real-life imagination, but whatever its true origins, La Pascualita has become the legend of the region in its title over the decades. It is almost impossible to verify the small version of the model's origins and even the name 'Pascuala Esparza' may be an invention itself, as it seems unlikely that the mummified body will remain completely intact under mexican heat for eight decades, but the current owner seems to understand that La Pasqualeta brings him a lot of good work. When asked about the fact the famous supermodel was in front of his store, he simply winked and replied: 'Is that true? Actually, I can't say'.

Some pictures of the supermodel 'Corpse Bride' 

Close up of La Pasqualeta's face

'Her face is up close'

La Pasqualeta's hand

'Her hands look real'.

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