pan am flight 914 | the plane that took off and landed 37 years later !


The disappearance and appearance of pan am flight 914 after 37 years!

pan am flight 914  the plane that took off and landed 37 years later !

Very few people are aware of the unresolved mystery behind Pan Am Flight 914, which disappeared unmarked for decades and re-emerged 37 years later. Imagine taking a week off your busy schedule in New York and deciding to spend six days on a great trip to Miami in the hope of relaxing and resting, booked your trip with your four friends, pack your bags, and went on Pan Am Flight 914, but what happens is that instead of arriving in Miami you ended up on your trip to Venezuela's capital called Caracas! 37 years later, is it possible that Pan am flight 914 has already passed through a remote transmission gate and the government did not want to know anyone about it, let's see if it was actually an experience with the immediate transfer or not, and Pan Am Flight 914 was chosen as a candidate to understand the mystery behind it, watch the article to the end but first we must move remotely inside Flight 914 and understand what actually happened, let's start? pan am flight 914| the plane that took off and landed 37 years later !

The beginning of pan am flight 914 

This is the actual situation that may have occurred with some of the 57 passengers and 6 crew members on july 2 1955 when pan am flight 914, from New York but landed 37 years later in Caracas on September 9, 1992, some boarded the plane for commercial purposes, others to travel but not even one passenger realized that it might be stuck in the parallel universe without realizing anything about it.

The beginning of flight 914

Death of passengers and crew announced

As soon as pan am flight 914 took off from New York and disappeared within an hour after us government search and rescue mission for months and no indication of the flight was found, authorities were forced to declare passengers died during the crash and many experts suggested that the plane might have crashed into the ocean, making it difficult for authorities to find the missing parts of the plane.

Passengers declared dead during Flight 914 crash

pan am flight 914 appears out of nowhere

On September 9, 1992, every flight was on schedule at the filled Caracas Airport in Venezuela. A flight out of nowhere suddenly appeared on the radar of Juan de la Corte, Caracas' air entrepreneur.

juan de la corte

At first, he thought it was a strange being, but when suddenly he heard the pilot asking where they were, Juan replied, You're about to land in Venezuela, Caracas, the pilot responded spectacularly, we're American Airlines pan am flight 914 from New York to Miami and we're scheduled to land in Miami at 9:55 a.m., but the traffic controller tried to convince the pilot that he wasn't wrong and that they were about to land in Caracas. Venezuela In order to believe the words of the traffic controller, the pilot landed in Caracas on the flight. again and went ahead.

Conflicting theories and opinions about the strange incident pan am flight 914

After this moment many channels and news groups were blamed for adding fairy tales and accounts of the incident when pan am flight 914 landed, some said the pilot dropped a calendar On July 2, 1955, some said that the United States and Venezuela had taken the calendar and had not disclosed anything to the public, and some also said that the flight after takeoff from Caracas went directly to New York and the passengers met their families happily after it was also alleged that the appearance of the passengers was the same as in 1955 and they were 37 years younger than the rest of the family.

Passengers on Flight 914 are back 37 years younger than the rest of the family

Principal evidence of the accident, Juan de la Corte, his words were backed up by journalistic writing published in The World News Weekly, pan am flight 914. became part of a wormhole of the time travel gate where the pilot was unaware of whether we had delved into the first theory after discovering his whereabouts and immediately dropped a calendar from 1955 that was fake because he deliberately dropped a calendar from 1955 only to prove that since At that time it seemed like a made-up story and the calendar was a very important part of life for everyone during 1955.

It seems true that the pilot will not throw it deliberately but yes, it can be accepted that there must have been a mistake in the second theory, it is accepted that if the calendar falls by mistake and the Caracas authorities must have informed the U.S. government of this unusual event, this adds to the fact that the U.S. government can keep this calendar safely as the only evidence taking into account the secret nature of the U.S. government such as Area 51 in the third theory The flight allegedly returned to New York and the passengers met their families, but they looked 37 years younger than their family members.

Passengers on pan am flight 914 are back 37 years younger

But the puzzling question is why none of the passengers or their family members spoke up and explained what happened when they went on the flight because digital cameras at the time were around like Canon. It was very easy at that time to explain what happened in the fourth theory, and the most important evidence was explained by the air traffic controller Juan Dee, the main eyewitness in the story., who explained that when the flight landed he saw passengers through the window very surprised by the sight of the modern airport in 1992, where he told the traffic controller Joan de la Courte that when the flight landed he saw passengers through the window and they were very surprised to see the modern airport in 1992, where he told the traffic controller Air Pilot he contacted the ground team for help and the pilot's commitment to calm down without waiting for anyone to take off.

The picture soon disappeared from the radar again, and the actual statement of Juan de la Court was covered in an article published by the weekly World News in 1992, proving that the accident was real, and here some of his officials saw the plane and heard the pilot say I carried the calendar and I still can't believe he told them to stay the same, May told them that we were sending a ground crew that started taxing the runway and seconds later they were in the air and literally disappeared, I could hear screaming People from the plane, all these phrases prove that he wasn't making up the story and I already saw what he was saying.

The fifth theory adds more credibility to this event, as it says that there is a wormhole, which is difficult to see but is found at points in the sky in different places, and if there is anything that passes through it can reach anywhere else in the world in seconds, one of the greatest scientists who also supported the concept of wormhole or real-time transportation Nikola Tesla and the interesting fact is that knowledge of real-time transmission was provided by Nikola Tesla before 1077 years and prove the concept with the help of science presented by Einstein 86 years ago.

In order to clarify how real-time transport is possible according to Tesla and Einstein, real-time transfer can be made using eight surface crystals that must be finely tuned and must be connected to devices that double crystals, and this with the support of information technology can help transport material objects anywhere in the world in seconds, and the most important fact is that the discovery was made 107 years ago by Nikola Tesla so that he mentioned the steps to be adopted during the immediate transfer such as Intelligence waves, the requirements of a metaphysical antenna, refer to an eight-way crystalline remote landing zone, if you look closely to prove that pan am flight 914 passed through a remote transmission gate because the distance between a flight from New York to Caracas is eight hours and between New York and Miami two hours and 47 minutes, we may have mastered the real-time transportation technology, but why does the military in any country in the world declare that it is proficient in real-time transportation or can transport people from a place To another in seconds, all the country wants to keep their secrets to themselves including their citizens.

Recently the U.S. government also revealed that they have a powerful U.S. secret army of 60,000 people currently in every country that can speak any language, technology knows exactly how to penetrate the system and even know how to break the system in hours but the U.S. government refused to disclose its details, it is true that people like to hear unresolved puzzles because our minds have an amazing ability to dive into the infinite fantasy world but the most important thing is to remember The news about the secret of Flight 914 has been published by a popular news agency called World News Weekly, and it is the news agency's duty to consider investigating and discussing before publishing anything to the public and every news agency that cares about it. 

This confirms that they knew and before publishing something about Flight 914 that the fake news was not from a fake news agency or just for entertainment. purposes as a joke could lead people to question their existence or could lead to the government banning such news agencies, but the weekly World News still lives proudly not to do so. What do you think of this puzzle? Tell us in the comments section below, and don't forget to subscribe to our blog to receive all news, thank you for reading.

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