Were there really giants on Earth?


The fact that there are giants on Earth


Giants are the world's most believable mythical creatures, which mean humans of abnormally long and large sizes, or species similar to humans, and exist in different forms throughout history.

The fact that there are giants on Earth

Evidence of giants on the ground

Everyone knows that the footprints of giants have been discovered around the world, which can only belong to BigFoot and also known as the giant foot-to-foot Saskatchewan, which is a clear example that the alleged footprints have been formed for decades and still exist frequently today. 

These effects can reach 24 inches, and such samples support the giant hypothesis. For example, in 2016, several sites reported that a giant human-like footprint was found in a piece of granite in China, allegedly 22.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, the granite piece was dated to 200 million years ago, meaning either our full understanding of the evolution of biology is wrong, or the story was fabricated because it is difficult to configure. Imprint in solid granite, our decision is easy to make while the presence of a giant species of human being is still being discussed, the existence of eight giant species has already been proven but in a very strange way in 1935, a German paleontologist visited a pharmaceutical shop in Hong Kong and what you do not know is that the ancestors of pharmacists in China were the people responsible for purchasing chemicals and herbs to treat diseases chinese drugs were and still unique in their use parts of rare and often exposed animals to extinction.

A giant footprint resembling a human foot in a piece of granite.

A giant footprint resembling a human foot in a piece of granite.

That's why fossil scientists went to the store to look for dragon teeth, a name for fossilized teeth that were an essential element of Chinese medicine, and fossil scientists didn't leave it empty-handed. To a monkey, this was the first evidence of the largest species of gigantophythex, an extinct species of monkeys from which it was discovered to live for nearly 9 million to 100,000 years, instead about 10 years high Feet weigh more than 1,200 pounds, but because of the scarcity of fossils, the size of the monkey is just a guess, some scientists believe that the estimates are exaggerated, and that Gigantopthex is no more than 6 feet to 6 inches long and weighs 600 pounds, but this will make it a giant among most human bones.

Dragon Teeth
' Dragon Teeth '

More substantial excavations were later found, but were confined to the lower jaw of Gegantobithex, and were discovered mainly in China, Vietnam and Thailand in caves where Gigantopthex lived, so it was difficult to determine its size, because it could have had a large head and a smaller body, making it a non-giant species.

Gegantopethex lower jaw

' Gegantopethex lower jaw '

In 2016, the giant hypothesis proved in Shandong, where China Province found many skeletons more than 5 feet and 9 inches long, one of which was 6 feet 2 inches long, and the grave site appears to date back to 5,000 years ago, with an average human height of barely more than 5 feet.

But before we start attributing these remains to a strain of giants, scientists have the answer where they discovered that the bodies were part of one wealthy family that reached unnatural heights thanks to great genes and generations of fine healthy living, a rational position that most historians can take, that faith in giants has existed since at least the Old Testament, and in the Bible the giant of the bad Goliath defeated by David was mentioned with a stone and a slingshot, but this is only The tip of the iceberg, where giants have been mentioned in the Bible several times, including several references to a race of giants called Nephilim who lived for nearly 5,000 years, was said to have perished in the Great Flood.

Evidence of Nephilim's existence does not exist in the first place, but with most fossil evidence of false giants, what we thought were the bones of giants found in the 18th century Albert II New York was actually the ones of the legends of the Mastodons.

In other religions, such as Jannian Hinduism and Islam, all contain texts or novels in spoken words that attest to the existence of giant legends, as you also know, inclusive of species, Eurasia is particularly steeped in greek-Roman giant mythology and Scandinavian texts. Depicting giants, as with Armenian and Basque traditions, most Eurasian cultures have tales of giants playing an important role in the figurative composition of their history, but this is not limited to the ancient world, so native Americans have told stories. For giants, the giant thing also extends to fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, film books and TV shows are all legends about giants, even real historical figures such as The Emperor of Rome's Thraks from 235 to 238.

Historians have stated that Confucius, the descendant of the ruling family that ruled China, was 8 feet 6 inches tall, and was also said to be 9 feet 6 inches tall, but although these measurements are documented as a fact, they were believed to be younger than they are today.

Also, researcher Antonio Bejavita, recorded on Magellan's journey around the world discovered 10-foot-high giants in the Patagonia region of South America, but subsequent trips by other explorers to Patagonia prove that the heights of giants were exaggerated, and that this tribe of people averages an average height of 6 feet, it is clear that history is not infallible, whether the tool some people refer to as the discovery of unusually large tools or weapons as evidence of the existence of Giants like hand axes and knives that were too heavy on the average human being which makes us believe that it is evidence of the presence of giant creatures, but this is wrong, because the theory is that many monuments in the world such as Stonehenge which were long and believed to be made by giants for the sole reason that there is no mechanism to move stones of this size collapsed this theory with the discovery of kneeling when construction techniques that can easily produce stonehenge like the way it was built Pyramids.

The drawings of giants in Egyptian art are one of the most common themes in Egyptian pottery and tombs, but of course, as with any art, it should not be assumed that real art revolves around symbolism, so the exaggerated size of the people in the drawings should not be considered realistic, as historians believe that the Egyptian giants were painted in this way to represent status and power, and that the real Jagathan, who also believes that he could have been a giant, is a picture of the gods, all of these are more likely than paintings to be evidence of existence from real giants.

Real human giants in our world

From artistic realism to the norm until the Renaissance, evidence was discovered that the giants were once on earth, with a person named Robert Wadlow who began to show abnormal growth shortly after he was born in kindergarten, Geith was already 5 feet 4 inches tall at the age of 9, 6 feet 2, and by the time he was 12 years old, he had arrived. To the seven-foot mark, Robert's height when graduating from high school was 8 feet 3 inches.

He began a celebrity and toured the country with the Ringling Brothers circus and then made an independent public appearance, and for companies such as the international shoe company that sponsored the modern giant and made him a size 37 shoe, but unfortunately Robert suffered from many health problems as a result of his condition and died in 1940 at the age of 22 at low weight, and before his death he was 8 feet 11 inches and weighed 490 pounds unlike other alleged giants, Robert's life and size were documented and he suffered from a pituitary tumor, the organ responsible for growth hormone formation.

Robert Wadlow

 ' Robert Wadlow '

Robert's shoes

' Robert's shoes '

In the NBA, more than seven feet tall is hosted, which means that 17% of seven-foot Americans become NBA players, so if you want to see real giants, just play the NBA game.

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