'Lizard People' catacombs city in Los Angeles


Catacombs found by Warren Schofflet in Los Angeles in 1933

The Story of the Lizard People of Los Angeles

The Story of the Lizard People of Los Angeles

There was a story in Los Angeles circulated in 1934 that the City of Angels might be the seat of a strange ancient civilization, of a people called the Lizard People.
In urban mythology they are called Lizardmen. They are said (at least according to legend) to have built underground cities in the western United States and other regions. Some websites indicate that they may have lived in Southern California 3,000 years ago, and many of these reports come from oral traditions within the Indian nation of the Hobby Tribe.

With the exception of rumors and folklore, it was difficult to find evidence. Until someone claimed to be an engineer and a howe came up with the possibility of lizards. He claimed with his 'high-tech' equipment that he had found evidence of their lost city under the rubble of a former military fort near downtown Los Angeles, whose discoveries later became major news in this ever-evolving city, inspiring them to conduct their research to this day.

I checked his device used to check oil and gold in L.A.

In Los Angeles, USA in 1933, a mining engineer named Warren Schovelt was using a new X-ray device he invented to examine oil, gold and other valuables in the region. One day, when he was reading readings near downtown Los Angeles, Schofflet was very confused, when his tools showed him what looked like a pattern of an underground tunnel, so he started drawing what he found from a well-planned underground maze, in which large rooms were distributed in several places, gold mines in rooms and corridors, some tunnels 30 kilometers underground and believed to be used only for ventilation, unfortunately Schvelt did not know they were linked to the oldest Ruins of the largest Pacific city covered thousands of years ago during a major earthquake and subsequent floods, the underground building complex he discovered in emergencies was used and designed only to accommodate about 5,000 people, with plenty of non-perishable herbal foods, which allow them to live underground before returning to the surface.

'Warren spirits'
'Warren spirits'

Los Angeles' underground building complex also included personal belongings and valuables, as well as historical documents and gold treasures.

Personal belongings, valuables and historical documents

' Personal belongings, valuables and historical documents '

During the Warren Schovelt investigation, he met with Indian President Green Leaf from the Happy Nation Medical Inn in Arizona, who told him about the legend of an ancient lizard lineage of humans, and reportedly between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago, a huge meteor fell on the U.S. West Coast in Los Angeles, hundreds of miles from winslow Crater in northern Arizona.
That fallen meteor is one piece of a group of fragments that fell from the sky at the time, thousands of residents died, their crops were destroyed, their homes destroyed, and forests burned. Survivors who remained in the West Coast medical ward gathered together and made plans to create a safe area.

'Winslow Crater'
'Winslow Crater'

Centuries later, it was time for Los Angeles residents to enter shelters and close entrances after them, forced to go underground to save themselves from another huge meteorite that destroyed most of the West Coast of the United States. Los Angeles residents survived the meteor shower, but were killed by natural gas leaking into their basement.

According to President Greenleaf, what Shufelt has learned

  1. This city in Los Angeles might be one of five urban areas on the Pacific coast.
  2. It is removed through synthetic substances rather than customary penetrating devices.
  3. The tides enter and leave the lower burrow consistently, driving the air into the upper passage to give ventilation.
  4. 1,000 families live underground underneath the slopes of this city.
  5. Sepulchers give impervious food and spices to assist reptiles with living underground for quite a while.
  6. You realize that the Orchid public have an approach to arranging their foundation. They think reptiles represent life span, so they planned the city matrix as a reptile.

                  'The device invented by Warren Schovelt'

                  ' The device invented by Warren Schovelt '

                  Gold treasures and catacombs in Los Angeles

                  Little Green Leaf and his partner were convinced that the legends and readings of the equipment Schwert created were correct, so they decided to get permission to dig wells in the city's underground ruins. 

                  Green Leaf
                  ' Green Leaf '

                  They placed an empty plot of land directly above one of the larger rooms. On February 21, 1933, the County Supervisory Board approved the signing of a contract with Warren Schaufflet to find the buried treasure and had to share 50% of all discoveries and treasures with the city of Los Angeles. Warren Schavelt believes the tunnel maze is at least 300 meters deep with 2.5 square meters, and there are at least 16 places in the kilometer room with precious golden treasures. It is a myth that the main hall is evidence of other parts of the city and historical golden currents. These ports are golden logs one meter long and 35 cm wide, and the tables are believed to contain records of the origins of the human race and the history of contemporary men in the Americas, including details of the mysterious Mayan history. 

                  Lizard people.
                  'Lizard people' 

                  I infiltrated some tunnels and flooded many rooms, including the largest room, in early February 1934 featured the first stories about the legend of lizardmen who lost their land in Los Angeles. At the time, the water depth of one of the five wells was more than 100 meters, and despite the difficulties the water faced on the way, it was still under exploration. Several articles on the project appeared in the newspaper. Shortly after media attention focused on finding the lost city under Los Angeles, the project suddenly stopped and was abandoned on March 5, 1934. The well was filled and the contract with the city cancelled. None of the other treasures have been cancelled. It was sent to Los Angeles County, and it wasn't announced that many people were trying to find these tunnels and rooms. Led by angels, but they haven't been found yet. Sheffert lives in Los Angeles and North Hollywood. He died there in November 1957 and left his story, and still tells this wonderful picture to this day . . . An unforgettable map of the lost lizard.

                  Warren Schovelt's attempt to provide conclusive evidence eventually failed, and the excavations ended quickly, fading the city's history, but the legend of the Lizardmen's Lizard people in Los Angeles remained, despite a lack of evidence that became part of the city's mythology. Eventually, it was introduced back on the Internet and became a legend for a new generation.

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