The truth about the legend of Bloody Mary



Mary Bloody Legend

Legend has it that if you repeat the name Bloody Mary three times, a bloodied face will appear behind youز

Far from myths and legends, history tells us that the only woman named 'Bloody Mary' was Mary Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine the Purple. She was born in 1514 and took the throne in 1553 under the name Mary I (Queen of England) after the death of her younger brother, King Edward VI.

She was the first Queen of England to rule, but to her critics Mary I of England was always referred to as 'Bloody Mary'.

During her five-year reign, Mary burned to death more than 300 religious opponents in the so-called Marian persecution. This is apparently a barbaric statistic. Because her father Henry VIII also executed 81 people for heresy, and her half-sister Elizabeth I executed dozens of people for her beliefs. So why is the name Mary associated only with religious persecution?

First of all, it is important to understand that heresy was considered an infection of politicians by all of modern Europe and must be eliminated so as not to poison the whole of society. Throughout Europe, the punishment of heretics is not only death, but also the complete destruction of the body of a heretic to prevent his body parts from being used as relics. Therefore, most pagans were cremated and their ashes thrown into the river, and Mary's choice of cremation was the usual practice of the period.

Her sister Elizabeth I was more subtle: under her rule, those convicted of practicing Catholicism by training as priests or for harboring traitors were sentenced to hanging. The idea behind the various crimes is that although people can argue about religious belief, no one will agree that treason is permissible.

However, if the person is responsible for Mary's reputation, it is 'John Fox'. His bestselling book Acts and Antiquities, better known as Fox's Book of Martyrs, records in detail every martyr who died for the faith in the Catholic Church. First published in 1563, it underwent four editions during Fox's lifetime, proving its popularity. Therefore, history remembers the massacres of Mary and forgets the massacres of her father and sister.

Information you do not know about the legend bloody mary
  1. She had many stepmothers.
  2. Mary's succession to the throne was not easy.
  3. Mary was set to be engaged at the age of two.
  4. Her marriage plans sparked an uprising.
  5.  I got a false pregnancy.
  6. She burned hundreds of people at the stake, earning her the nickname 'Bloody Mary'.
  7. Mary lost the last lands of England in France.
  8. She was overshadowed by her younger sister.

              life of bloody mary

              The life of the legend Mary was not happy, she experienced severe pains in her childhood and youth. She struggled and watched her father's constant quest to annul his marriage to her mother, watched in agony as her mother did her best to preserve her dignity as queen, and was then sent to the dull and desolate Campton to die alone, just as her husband, King Henry, and his mistress, Anne Boleyn, were celebrating their wedding.

              Even in marriage, Mary was not happy, she loved her husband, King Philip of Spain with all her heart, but he craved only her throne. She was so eager to give birth to the heir to the throne, that she turned into a mockery because her stomach had swelled up several times, but it turned out later that her pregnancy was just a false pregnancy.

              But despite the suffering and injustice suffered by the first Mary, she is not an angel. It caused the suffering and death of many people due to its religious fanaticism and its fanatical quest to bring its people back to Catholicism and obedience to the Pope, set fire to and gallows Protestants across the country, imprisoned, tortured, hanged, murdered and burned. During her short five-year reign, hundreds of people were in power, and even nobles and clergy were not spared her, which is why the people called her Bloody Mary. That is why some people try to associate it with the fairy tale of Bloody Mary. There is another queen called Mary that people try to associate with superstition, and she is Mary Stuart, better known as Mary Queen of Scots, who ascended briefly to the throne of Scotland in the sixteenth century, her life also was miserable. Mary of Britain ended her life by the sword in 1587 during the reign of Elizabeth I.

              Bloody Mary dies

              Finally, before her death, she watched bloody Mary suffer as her throne moved to her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth against her will. Elizabeth was later named Elizabeth I, one of the greatest heirs to the British throne.

              In 1558, Mary died during the influenza epidemic at the age of 42 (although she also had abdominal pain and may have uterine or ovarian cancer). Her sister Elizabeth succeeded her as a Protestant queen, while England is still Protestant. Although the various religious communities are so different that they plunge the kingdom into civil war, Catholicism - or what they call the 'Pope'- is something they all agree is worse than anything else.

              The Bloody Legend of Mary

              Because the bloody Mary did not give birth as she had an abortion several times made her a myth immortalized in the children where there is a myth that says if the child stands in front of the woman in the dark and calls her name three times and said: 'Bloody Mary I killed your children you will feel provoked and will go out and the child will find her standing behind him.
              This legend was also mentioned in Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq's 'Ghost House', as well as in many horror films, and as a means of intimidating children, especially on Halloween.