Fountain of Youth in Florida


Throughout most of our history, humans have been searching for some form of the fountain of youth, a magical body of water that has the power to treat disease and reverse the aging process, but does that really exist? Sorry for the disappointment, but maybe not.

Fountain of Youth

Constant search for young people 

At least the fifth century BC, the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus say that even Alexander the Great Macedonian was looking for a river to go back in time when he conquered the Persian Empire, and moved on to the Middle Ages when Europeans thought that a ruler named Brister John was heading a kingdom in the Far East containing not only a fountain of youth, but a river of gold, but the most famous researcher in history was the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who lived In the 16th century, who joined Christopher Columbus in 1493 as part of the second journey of famous explorers to the New World while in the Caribbean, he may have heard rumors of a magic fountain and a river by local Taino Indians to lie somewhere in northern Cuba on an island known as Bimini after puerto Rico's colonization. Leon sailed to the Coast of Florida on March 4, 1513, a journey allegedly driven by his research.

Explore the Fountain of Youth 

Juan Ponce de León set off from Puerto Rico in search of undiscovered islands rumored to be north of Hispaniola, and in 1513 Lyon was heading north to find gold and began here legends about healing waters so he thought there might have been water that could be useful to him, and the rumors were that many Indian tribes in the south were heading north, so when he came here he found fresh water that was important.

For Bimini and the fountain of youth as the story goes, he landed near the street. There is a statue of Augustine where a statue of him now stands in the central square.

The truth of the fountain fountain of youth in St. Augustine

Leon's search for the fountain of youth may be a key element in popular history, but there's not much truth to it, Leon may not have been looking for the legendary fountain on his trip to Florida, and there has been no document since, including letters written by Leon himself, mentioning such a goal on this journey, and what he really wanted was to seize land and resources. It is his own goal for Spain, and it seems likely that subsequent Spanish writers formed the story of the fountain of youth after his death in order to portray him as foolish and naïve. This does not prevent tens of thousands of visitors from visiting Augustine's Archaeological Park Street.

The fountain is a way to keep the fountain that was here once a bubble club and the water was coming straight out of the ground. But in 1875 they closed that pond because the groundwater was falling, they turned it into a well and now the well brings water to the surface, so inside the spring house you'll see the story of leon's pumping, you'll see the story of Pedro Menendez and you'll be able to try the water well.

Florida's Archaeological Fountain Park

Florida's Archaeological Fountain Park

When tourists taste water from the fountain of youth for the first time, they have different reactions that some people say are good because they may have grown up on this water that is obtained from 500 feet underground.

Outside the fountain of youth there are plenty of other attractions available in this historic archaeological park, the latest attraction is a 600-foot observation pier and going out to see the wildlife, where there is the first outpost of 1565, you can see where the buildings were in the northern defensive wall, you can see spanish weapons and learn how spanish live, there are a lot of things you can do which makes you indulge in history.

Tourists to the Fountain of Youth fountain in 1909

If they drink from the fountain of youth, these tourists in 1909 survive!

In the end, the Fountain of Youth, a tourist attraction owned so far by the Fraser family and has firmly refused to sell its land to developers, opened at least since 1901 so far although no one has become younger than exposure to the water smelling 'smell of natural spring water', it is a magical anti-aging cream or miracle cure, many people have not given up looking for the equivalent of a fountain of youth but if history is a guide they will look For a very long time. I think the myth of the fountain of youth has been misinterpreted over the years, and I think sometimes you can do healthy things like drink healthy water and not get sick in exchange for becoming younger.