The real girl behind Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland

Alice story is one of the masterpieces of world literature Alice has been represented not only in plays but also in films. It's a story by Lewis Carroll, an Anglican cleric. Continue reading this article to learn about the real girl behind Alice in Wonderland, You will find interesting and new information that you did not know before.

The real girl behind Alice in Wonderland

The most prominent characters appear in Alice story, which this writer put through Cheshire Cat, Hatch, Blue Leaf, and White Rabbit. However, Alice was the heroine of the adventure, present in real life, and not only inspired Carol to create the story but also presented her with the manuscript with illustrations in his hand. Apart from being a clergyman, a mathematician, and a photographer, Carol liked to portray girls as if they were distracted by a story or puzzle, of course with the consent of their parents. Far from the controversial child sexual abuse in which he was accused, the truth is that Carol was attracted to Alice Liddell, at least in the form of a parent and platonic. 

Lewis Carroll

 ' Lewis Carroll '

Who's the real Alice? 

Alice is the inspiration for the famous story 'Alice in Wonderland', Alice was born in 1852. As a child, Alice was in touch with Carol and was one of the models of his photographs. Alice, around 1862, when she was walking with her sisters, asked Carol to tell them a story, and told them the adventures of Alice herself, who fell into a rabbit's hideout and then made the well-known trip. The little girl loved it so much that she asked Carol to write it and agreed, it was said that at one point the writer asked Alice hand to marry her father, who refused. We don't know if that's true or not, the truth is that Carol's relationship with the Liddell family ended suddenly in the mid-1860s. Later, Alice and Carol maintained correspondence and some sporadic, albeit very cold, encounters.

Alice filming Carol in 1860

' Alice filming Carol in 1860 '

Alice marriage 

When Alice grew up and became a beautiful young woman, she and Prince Leopold, Queen Victoria's youngest son, fell in love. But this love was never crowned by marriage because of Victoria's strong refusal and insistence that her son marries a princess. In 1880, Alice married Reginald Jervis, gave birth to three children, named her second son after Prince Leopold', and became a woman in the upscale community. Prince Leopold married a German princess in 1883 and his wife gave birth to a daughter he named Alice and later became godfather to Alice's son, whom she named after him. Thus, their unfinished love story was immortalized by the names of their children.

The manuscript that Carol gave to Alice

Alice kept the manuscript that Carol gave her to her husband's death in 1928, where Alice had to sell her to pay for the funeral ceremony, at sotheby's auction of an American merchant and earned him £15,400 (a fortune at the time). He, in turn, sold it to Eldridge Johnson, and after the latter's death the manuscript was sold at auction again to a group of wealthy people who donated it to the British people in recognition of Britain's resilience during World War II to Hitler, and was displayed at the British Museum in 1948.

Alice in 1872 at the age of 20

' Alice in 1872 at the age of 20 '

Alice death

Alice died on November 15, 1934. At the end of her life, she said she was tired of living under the name Alice in Wonderland her body was cremated in Golders Green, north London, and Alice's ashes were scattered in Lindhurst in the family cemetery.

Alice Liddell, an old woman before she died

' Alice Liddell, an old woman before she died '

Alice in Wonderland film series 

She starred as young actress Mia Wasikosa and international actor Johnny Depp, best known as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series:
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