Shajarat Al-Durr is the first sultana to rule the Middle East (she was beaten with al-Jawari shoes)

Every ascent will inevitably be met by a fall. Beware of this fall, here will be the penalty of the sex of the work. This is the lord's rule that we have seen in the stations of history and its facts what we have seen. The people of the future will also see him and throw away the stories and facts of our time, and the heroes of their stories are today's tyrants and sellers of consciences. 

In this article, we will talk about the story of one of the most famous Arab and Muslim women. Her story began from the wards of servants and socks and moved to the palaces of kings and sultans and from there to the glories of eternal triumphs, absolute power to the tragic endings in a way that would not come to mind of one of you,  Shajarat Al-Durr is the first sultana to rule the Middle East (she was beaten with al-Jawari shoes).

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr

She is named as Asma al-Din and um Khalil is an unknown maid and is said to be Armenian, Charkassia or even an algorithm. The origin is not only unknown, but also the name and date of birth and death. While we found no specific date, we found more than one date of her death, most likely may 3, 1957. 

The status and origin of Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr

The beginning of the mention of the Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr dates back to the year 1239. This year, the good Ayyubid king Najmuddin Ayoub signed a good maid. He immediately bought it and annexed it to the royal neighbourhoods. The then-current 'Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr' was able to exploit its beauty and unique intelligence in reaching the heart of the Ayyubid Sultan. She became like the soul he never left. War or peace, she was with him during his detention. And then I went with him to Egypt. The king announced his marriage to her, especially after he had a boy named Khalil. Thus, the elm tree came out of the cloak of the neighborhoods and wore the cloak of the free. But her happiness with her son did not last long. The boy died young.

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr behaved and courteously when her husband, the Good Sultan, died.

The good king became the sultan of Egypt. Of course, Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr was at his side. The Elm tree with her husband was not confined to the palace in Egypt. To enjoy a life of luxury. It even accompanied him in his rounds of war, particularly to break up the Crusades from The Land of Egypt. Down to the end. In this campaign, Hajarat Al-Durr played the biggest role in the victory of Muslims. What happened was that during the Islamic Army's confrontation with the Seventh Crusade led by Louis IX, sultan al-Saleh died, what did Shajarat Al-Durr do with your opinion?

She summoned army commander Prince Fakhreddin Yusuf in complete secrecy. I told him about the sultan's death and her determination not to spread the news at this difficult time. Fearing that the army, which is subjected to violent attacks, will be frustrated. No one knew of the death of the sultan, who was secretly transferred and buried in his cemetery. And if you're wondering how no one noticed this absence? Here's the answer. Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr, by virtue of her practice of the Sultanate and the judgment after accompanying her husband, was able to obtain his stamp. She mastered a signature and managed all the things that required the sultan's signature. She even ordered the servants to bring food and put it in front of the door of the Sultan's room without entering. The argument I gave to everyone, even his friends, is that the Sultan is tired. He ordered no one to enter. The war was at its height. Muslims are being further defeated. The most recent was the killing of Prince Fakhreddin Yusuf in one of them. To take over the command of the army after him and on the order of Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr Corner of Din Peppers. Peppers and Elm Tree. They set up a trap that plunged the crusaders into the evil of their actions. Their campaign leader, King Louis IX, was captured. In short, the Egyptian army lured the Crusaders into Mansoura, which was completely calm. By order of Peppers to inspire the Crusader army it's a snooker. As soon as the Crusaders entered Mansoura. Between a rock and a hard place. They were surrounded by all the dialogues and alleys. They did not know where the fighters were coming out.

Torren Shah, son of the Good King, and his attitude toward Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr 

After defeating the Crusaders in Mansoura, Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr sent Torren Shah, her good son Ayoub, to take over from his father. Following the announcement of the death of the good king. After i highlighted a royal order with the sultan's seal. And with his signature. Of course this was from Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr. Tornshah, who was expected to keep his father's wife in power after his father's death. and to weigh in on the Mamluks. as a result of their role in shaking the crusade. But the opposite happened. The man threatened and threatened to kill his stepmother. He asked her for money and jewelry, which in his opinion was his right from his father's heirs. The Mamluks were subjected to injustice on his hand and stripped of the positions and exploits they had obtained from the late Sultan and Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr after him. It went so far as to plan to kill their princes and get rid of them. But the Mamluks were the quickest to get rid of Tornshah. Tornshah was killed in 604 Hijri. 1,250 AD by The Corner of Religion Peppers. Fares al-Din Aktai and Ezzedine Ibek Turkmen.

Mamluk Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr's allegiance to the government 

Killing the king and no heir, what is the solution? The solution for the Mamluks was to sell those who showed skill, know-how and toughness in times of hardship. The sale to Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr became the first sultan to rule the Middle East. The first work done by the Elm Tree is to engrave the following phrase on coins. Al-Mustasimiyah al-Salhia is the queen of Muslims and the mother of Khalil, the prince of believers. 

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr continued to liquidate the Crusader presence and made an agreement with the captured King Alois IX several Crusader historians a slip and shame agreement. where she got him a big ransom. I ordered him to leave the Islamic countries and pledge not to return again. in exchange for his release. She had what she wanted.

Opposition to sultana Shajarat Al-Durr's receipt of the verdict

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr's rule lasted for nearly three months or at least 80 days before opposition votes began to surface. Angry demonstrations began asking for her removal from the throne. I am a woman to take over the affairs of the country, which is reprehensible. And what is contrary to the sharia at that time do you think my friends that it is different in our time! Ayyubid people in The Levant considered the killing of Tornshah, the Ayyubid heir to the throne of Egypt, as an insult and a declaration of war. In particular, the governor is a woman. The Abbasid caliphate did not give the blessing to sultana Shajarat Al-Durr to the throne and the determined caliph sent a message to the Mamluks that 'if the men have not been with you. Let  us know until we walk to you men.'

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr surrenders and abdicates to Ezzedine Abek

In the face of this intense opposition reality, Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr was only to abdicate to Ezzedine Ibek. The commander of the military, whom she had married at the beginning of her rule. As you have guessed, Ezzedine Ibek was only the front of the government and it was all sultana Shajarat Al-Durr, with which Ibek Grama was important. Hyam Ibek reached his wife to the point where he obeyed her in her demand that he not see or visit. In some sources, he divorced his first wife and the mother of his son, um Ali. Remember this name well, it has a role to play in our article. Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr disposed of Commander Aktai with the help of her husband. to ward off the dangers he was causing him. But the power of government prevailed over love and the body. Ibek began to aversion to Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr and violated her orders. It went so far as to leave the castle and live in an area called the views of the loc. He sent those who informed her that he would remove her from power. The first and last thing in power is his. All this did not list the great grudge in the heart of Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr. However, APEC's quest to marry Badreddine's daughter is pearl. The ruler of Mosul was the straw that divided the camel's back. A woman, a elm tree, did not want to make what she had done before with her own harm. Therefore, getting rid of King Ibek was necessary. 

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr gets rid of Ezzedine Abek

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr used the trick and sent to Ibek to appeal to him and tell him that she was at his disposal. He is the absolute king. She continued to shred him back to the castle until she had what she wanted. When Ibek returned to the castle, Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr had prepared to kill him secretly. and already with the help of five of her faithful. Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr killed Ibek. Among the Mamluk princes, he died suddenly. But the trick didn't last. The news reached the Mamluk princes, who were well aware. The relationship between the King and Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr is worsening. That AIBEK did not die but killed sultana Shajarat Al-Durr. That is why the Mamluks loyal to APEC, led by Seifeddine Qatz, decided to take revenge.

The end of the Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr

Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr was arrested by the Mamluks and locked up in the Red Tower of The Mountain Castle. Do you think it's over? And Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr died in her prison you are very wrong. Listen carefully. He took over after Ibek and his son Noureddine Ali bin Al-Moez Ibek, son of the first wife who was oppressed by Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr. Now it's L.A. Ali's turn to get rid of her opponent. She sent her son to ask him to hand her Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr, and she had it. Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr arrived at um Ali's residence. Unless she was waiting for her, she was standing next door. Each one carries wooden domes. Any shoes made of wood in her hand. When um Ali's signal, al-Jawari beat Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr until she breathed her last breath. To order um Ali to throw it over the walls of the castle. She is semi-naked to remain unburied for several days. Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr was then buried in a grave near Mrs. Nafisa between the lanes and houses of the area. 

The end of the Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr

But studies and history indicate that Sultana Shajarat Al-Durr had built her own mausoleum and decorated it with mosaics, stones, Islamic inscriptions and phrases that explicitly indicate who was supposed to kill the shrine, but her killing and the anger that was met with her prevention of burial in that mausoleum to bury one of the Abbasid caliphs decades after her death. This brings to an end the story of the maid, who took the keys to power in public and in secret, and ended her life at the hands of al-Jawari, one of whom was once one of them.

So my friends that's what was in our pocket about sultana Shajarat Al-Durr's surprising story. The story we wanted to tell is that man's determination and quest must inevitably bring him to his will. With a little wisdom and know-how, we as individuals or as a nation can face any kind of injustice and most of it that we are exposed to today. On the other hand, the most important of all is the story of Artna and quite clearly what paranoia and the love of power can bring his owner to. Injustice, coercion and murder become his remorse. But the actions of this power-obsessed must return whoever he is. Isn't it as we condemn Nadan? Isn't the penalty of the sex of work? This is the age of the universe. Indeed, God gives time and does not neglect. This is a history that documents what we have said with facts.