The Mekia tribes 'live without water and consider whites to be vices'!


The primitive people of Mikia who do not drink water, do not touch it, and do not eat eggs

قبائل الميكيا

Who are the Mikia tribes? 

Primitive people have only been approached by a few travellers who know each other by firing whistles and do not show themselves unless they know the voice of the caller. They practice astrology and are seen as witches who must be kept away from them. \r\n\r\nLet's live in hiding to live.\r\n\r\nThis is the motto of the Mikia tribes. that isolated itself from the outside world until they became skilled in hiding. You might pass by someone without you noticing. Their motto may be strange but the most unusual. Is their lifestyle based on staying away from water. Not only do they refrain from drinking them, but they avoid touching them. They consider water their arch enemy. Because they think it's causing their death. How have they been able to live without water for hundreds of years?

The origin of the Mikia tribes

More than three centuries ago, a group of humans decided to withdraw into the forest and give up urban life. They went deep into Ghada Toliar, southwest of Madagascar. Today, their number swells from 1,200 to 1,500. They are called mikia or miki tribes. which means people who cannot afford to receive orders. The mekia is divided into two groups: the Gezo and the Mazikoro. They have no unified language and no well-known culture. Or at least no one has been able to know their true culture. They know they're young and their color is closer to gray. They disappear in the daytime so that they avoid meeting humans even by accident. They therefore change their places of residence every three days after transporting the small and primitive huts in which they live. Because the only condition for survival for them is dispersion in the forest. This helps them find food. Their only goal of life is to survive.

Water is the arch enemy of the Mikia tribes

Experts predict that the upcoming wars will be on the water. Millions die. Water scarcity will even be a problem for more than half of the world's population. But that would not be a dilemma for the Mikia tribes. That's what they wish would happen. They not only refrain from drinking water, but also avoid touching it. Because they think they're going to die as soon as they touch it. They compensate for the lack of water by feeding them on the roots of trees, honey and hedgehogs. They are also isolated from all methods of civilization. There is no electricity, no communications, no agriculture. They live like primitive human beings. Because of their lack of mixing with people, they are called mythical stories and stories. It later turned out to be incorrect. After a researcher named Louis Molly in the year 1956. He met there with some members of the tribe. He described life with them as impossible because they literally live without water. Their bodies used to live and adapt in this way. Two decades after Molly's journey, another traveller arrived in the Mekia tribes. His name is Jean-Michel Horner. Horner has already confirmed that they live without water. They are a group of primitive fishermen and farmers. They refuse to communicate with the outside world and refuse to have anything to do with anyone.

The Mikia tribes consider the eggs to be gods

It is said that when the White Mickey tribes first saw him, they considered him a goddess and called him 'Xnahari'. But after they got to know him more, they called him the \"Pepperati\" in their own language. These are the strangest customs of the Mekia tribes, which are unique in a way of life that you may not find on anyone on this planet. What do you think of how they live? How would you describe not drinking them and touching them with water? Share your opinion of the comments below the blog.