The fact that there are small winged fairies 'cottingley'


Cottingley, they're like butterflies flying around you without noticing their presence!


Little Fairies Cottingley

The fairy is a mythical creature. Decorated on the Arab popular terrace and world heritage as well. They are described as very beautiful beings. And very white and has wings. They are sometimes shown in a small image as a butterfly with a human body with small wings. It can glow and have magical power. Many people believe in the existence of these creatures in the 1970s at the Virginia School of Medicine in the United States of America. A study in which they ask ordinary Americans. about their belief in paranormal and Maori beings. The results were amazing. They found that many people believe in this and many studies have been conducted in different regions around the world. Most of the results confirmed the faith of many people. With paranormal and mysterious things. Many people stressed that there are many places on the planet. Small fairy-like creatures can be found. These creatures are around us, but we cannot distinguish them from the speed of their flight. And we think it's just insects. There are a lot of people who have photographed these creatures. that live among us. Some said they were visited every night by these creatures.

Small Fairies Authority Cottingley

They are creatures that look like honey bugs. If you see her at first glance. But if you look at her and look at her clearly. You can see small creatures in a beautiful human image. It has wings and has wide green eyes. In Latin American folklore, these mysterious creatures can live.

A different view of fairies "Cottingley" around the world 

near forests and water or live within the walls of your home. They often see children. This explains some of the strange behaviors of children at times. by talking to unknown entities. The locals in America also remember that these creatures can help and help if they get lost in the forest where you can contact these creatures and look at them and help you and in the Victorian era in the UNITED Kingdom these fairies were accused of being pathogenic, especially tuberculosis, which was very prevalent at the time and many claimed to have photographed these small winged creatures. They claimed that these organisms already existed and were real. She likes to dance, have fun and play near the lights. We think it's just night butterflies. Without meditating. Supporters of the fact that these winged creatures exist were divided into several opinions, including that the fairies came from another planet after flying dishes carried them to Earth. Some of them saw them as ancient creatures that preceded the creation of man on earth. There are already discovered skeletons that may reinforce and confirm this view. Some of them saw these creatures as a cult of peaceful gin. Do you experience these creatures dear viewer if you have seen these mysterious objects and remember us so in a comment? Do you support the existence of these small winged creatures or deny their existence?