The true story of 'Mulan' the extraordinary Chinese warrior


The true story of Mulan

Prominent historical and mythical figures often serve as powerful symbols of entire nations. For the people of the British Isles, for example, tales such as King Arthur's tales and the round table around the world are known as part of the spirit of that nation. Many of these stories have become widespread and retelling them so that their original meaning fades, replaced by a perfect reflection of what was once. Perhaps the most famous example of this kind of heroic narrative is the tale of Mulan - China's beloved warrior heroine. Beyond just inspiring people in their native land, Mulan has become a role model for many young women across the planet.

The question remains: What seeds arose from this myth, and how has it changed over the centuries? Follow us to know all this and to know The true story of 'Mulan' the extraordinary Chinese warrior. 


Welcome to the famous Chinese legend of Mulan, its origins in the ancient past, and how its legacy permeates the 21st century. We've all seen the famous animated series Sire. We know the story that led a girl to join the Chinese army. to save her father which was forbidden for the girls to enter. But in this article, we'll learn about the true story of Moullan. And the secrets that the film hid and how the story actually ended.

The beginning of Mulan's true story

Mulan story stemmed from a true legend that occurred in ancient China. It is known to all chinese people. Which turned it into a cartoon afterwards. That is, it wasn't just the writer's imagination. There was a big war and they need every family to come to war. In order to defend China. But the Mulan family had only her father. He was too old to go to war. So he apologized. It is China's custom that the failure to abandon a war in which the king calls on all the people of China to gather to defend the country. It is a shame that accompanies his owner and his family for life. The king has put the names of those who left behind on the death row. He arrived at Mulan's hearing while washing flowers in the lake. In preparation for the wedding. Her parents were always looking for a husband. But she refused because she knew she was too big to get married. So she told her parents that she would enter the army in her father's place. But her father knew how dangerous this girl would be. He warned her against it. But she insisted on doing what she wanted. She cut her hair and turned her shape into a young-male look. I entered the army.

 The war in which Mulan participated

As soon as Mulan joined the war after she of course changed her name to that of a man. I started martial arts training. So it was clear to her that she did not know how to fight any of the ways of fighting. Whether by sword, naked hand or even fasting. But in true legend it was said that Mulan knew kung fu. Fight with the sword skillfully and also use sound as a sub-weapon with it. It is a skill in all of this. 

Mulan Love Story

In the cartoon, there was love between Mulan and the army commander. But the details of that story are quite different between the legend and the cartoon. In the film, she liked the leader, but he didn't like her. Only after it saved his life and China was saved from a major invasion. He was going to bring down the Chinese Empire. And of course in the part of this film I married the leader. But in fact, Molano fell in love with one of her fellow officers. She revealed to him that she was a woman, not a man. I also told him why she did it. Which made him love her more and helped her hide her personality. She is a female, of course, and no one knew she was female and not male until after the war. Having witnessed her heroics in battle and playing a pivotal role, China would not have won the war.

Mulan Love Story

Discovering the truth of Mulan  

In the cartoon, in fact, the punishment of those who enter the army who are undesirable is the death penalty. But in fact, no one revealed that Mawlana was a boy but her fellow army officer, which attracted him more. He decided to help her to continue hiding in the army. He decided to marry her afterwards, but there were also colleagues in the army who had doubts that the boy was a woman, not a man. From the very beginning, it was not easy for her to adapt to playing the role of a man, not a girl. This led them to believe that he was not a man. But they were only confirmed after Mawlana revealed herself after the end of the war. 

The end of Mulan story

After Mulan returned from the war and was honored in China and from the Chinese Emperor. Mulan asked to go home in order to present her prize, which she took from the emperor to her father. But in the real story, the end was more tragic than the cartoon. As soon as she returned home, she found that her father had died in grief for what she had done. Her only lover, who was helping her in the war, was killed during the battle. So she lost her father and lost the love of her life.

 Now tell us in the comments which of the following stories you prefer. The real story or the film produced by the Walt Disney Animation Company.