The controversial life of Queen 'Victoria'


The story of Queen Victoria and secrets you didn't know about her

Queen Victoria ruled a quarter of the globe, fell in love with her servant, a slave, and almost converted to Islam because of him. Follow the article with us to learn more about her and her royal life.

The controversial life of Queen 'Victoria'

Information you do not know about Queen Victoria

  1. She had a miserable childhood and hated pregnancy and childbirth, and gave birth to nine children.
  2. They tried to assassinate her seven times.  
  3. You have ruled a quarter of the globe.
  4.  She was the richest woman in the world.
  5. The Victorian era is named after her.
  6.  She had an affair with her Indian servant Abdul Karim.
  7. Queen Victoria remained queen despite all circumstances.

            Who is Queen Victoria?

            Alexandrina Victoria was born in Kensington Palace on the twenty-fourth of May, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen. She is the only daughter of Edward, the son of George III of Britain. Her father died one year after her birth. She was raised as an orphan girl without a father. Victoria says she grew up in a simple life, as she did not have a room of her own. She slept with her mother in the same room. She was receiving the rules of a system known as the Kingston System, which were designed by John Conroy, her mother's secretary. This prevented her from ever being alone. Where her every move reached them. Even while she was asleep, the servants watched her. And as soon as the first signs of her ascension to the throne appeared, John strangled his hold on Victoria in order to gain power and greater prestige in the future. It is even said that when she assumed the throne, she asked to be alone for an hour. But this request was refused.

            Queen Victoria takes the throne

            Victoria is fifth in line to the throne. And on June 20, one thousand one hundred and thirty-seven, she became queen at the age of eighteen. After the death of her uncle William IV. Because her uncles had no legitimate children, life attempts were the only option for the throne. After the coronation ceremony, moving to the royal palace, her mother was forbidden to live in a remote room. John was barred from participating in the government as its advisor. Victoria became the richest woman in the world. This is because Parliament granted her an annual stipend of three hundred and eighty-five thousand pounds sterling. to participate in the ruling.

            Queen Victoria's marriage 

            On one visit Victoria's cousin Prince Albert admired him so much that she described him as handsome, charming and beautifully personal. As soon as I asked him to marry, he quickly agreed. The wedding ceremony was held in 1840 to begin the actual rule of the country behind the curtains. Albert was victoria's moral teacher.
            He had in her own decisions during her pregnancy, so as not to wear a dress or a stry if he did not agree with him, which made him rule Britain with her until that ruler and king were told. Victoria hated pregnancy and childbirth. She even described breastfeeding as a disgusting practice.
            However, she had nine children. Most of her children were married to kings' families in Europe. That was the diplomacy that the British princes pursued to extend their influence. So it was called the mother of Europe. The remarkable development of the Kingdom, particularly the industrial revolution that flourished under Victoria, was to mediate attempts on its life. She was subjected to seven assassination attempts, one of which was by a teenager set on fire while Victoria was on a tour with her husband. The teenager was judged to be mentally ill, as he did to those who had previously tried to assassinate the Queen. This increased Victoria's popularity and gave her courage and did not give up power.  

            Queen Victoria mourns the departure of her husband Albert 

            Victoria lived in despair and sadness after the death of her husband Albert in 1861. I retired from public life and official ceremonies. She continued to wear black for the rest of her life. Albert was a trusted and loyal adviser and husband. what made her hands broken and tied without him. She later loved her bodyguard, John Brown, but returned to her free life again after John died of a staphylococcus infection. Until an Indian teacher named Abdul Karim came to fill the void she lived in until her death through an exciting relationship that arose between them.

            Queen Victoria's relationship with her Indian servant Abdul Karim

            In the last years of Victoria's life, two Indian servants were sent to her. One of them is Abdul Karim or Abd, who is a Muslim. Abdul Karim approached the Queen and taught her Urdu. He even shared the most prominent things with her, sitting with her at the table, angering her children, and they had a strong relationship. Some suggested it was a maternity relationship, according to some letters, where she called him in her speeches 'the bar son'. While many thought the relationship was very exciting and unknown because the Queen's sons forced Abdul to burn all the letters exchanged with Queen Victoria in front of them after her death, they sent him to India, where he died eight years later. 

            Indian Abdul Karim next to Queen Victoria

            Queen Victoria dies 

            Victoria ruled for sixty-four years, covering her empire a quarter of the globe, until she died in Osborne, Isle of Wight, on January 22, 1901, at the age of 81, buried next to her husband Prince Albert in Windsor at the royal mausoleum she had previously built for her last resting place. 

            100-year-old films depict queen Victoria's life 

            • 'Victoria and Abdul' film produced in 2017
            • Holmes & Watson production in 2018
            • 'The Young Victoria' film produced in 2009
            •  'The Pirates' 2012 production

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