Information you don't know about the great Inca civilization


Information you don't know about the great Inca civilization.

What is the Incas civilization?

Many people today no longer know anything about the Incas civilization. Although it was a great civilization. Its people were among the greatest in ancient history. The Inca civilization originated in the city of Cusco. which is now known as the State of Peru. The Incas have succeeded in expanding their land by about 2,500 miles. In just a hundred years. This civilization was not as dependent on trade as other ancient civilizations. But it was a social civilization based on the sharing of wealth. The government has always sought not to have personal wealth for individuals. Everyone should only get enough and all should be kept in the hands of the government. In this blog, we present you with the top 10 interesting facts you don't know about the Incas.

The bodies of the Incas have managed to cope with the lack of oxygen

The Incas flourished and expanded from the Andes in South America to the surrounding mountainous areas. That's why many people wondered how mountain dwellers or mountaineers could afford to lack oxygen in the air without choking. By studying the genetic and biological arrangement of the current mountain population. Scientists have come to know that the Incas have succeeded in genetically evolving. It is no longer affected by oxygen deficiency. This enabled them to build this ancient civilization and survive in such an atmosphere. It is this situation that is actually happening at Mount Everest. The shabba people help others climb the mountain in a rugged mountainous area where only anyone can die. He dies because of its harsh nature.

The Incas have built anti-earthquake houses

There are a lot of relics left of the Inca civilization found in the city of Peru known to us today. It is an area known for its observed earthquake activity. Unfortunately, most of the houses being built there today are built cheaply and simplely so that they cannot withstand earthquakes. As for the Inca people, they have succeeded in understanding the characteristics of the region and the well-known pattern of earthquakes. That's why they built their homes on that basis. They had a distinct sense of architecture that helped them build their homes in a way that helped them overcome temporary and long-term seismic activity by building their homes in the form of small stone pieces that could vibrate enough to return to their previous order after the earthquake. 

The Incas were sacrificing children and adults alike

Like other ancient peoples. He was presenting his sons as a sacrifice to the gods and to ancient religious beliefs. If the Incas worship the God of the sun, you are the basis of the religion they worship. The Incas were characterized by the multiplicity of gods they worshipped. The people were trying to appease this gods and to get their kindness and blessing to harvest and other things. Disney Children's Film directed a film about the Incas, which revolved around a arrogant, authoritarian and arrogant emperor who was thinking of crushing the town of Bechla, and some researchers have concluded that Disney's film is based on the story of the city of Cusco, long known to the Incas. The emperor's actions in this story are very similar to those of the Inca rulers. who were already being treated as goddesses.

The Incas succeeded with their power in invading the rest of the other peoples

The Incas were not only aiming to build timeless buildings that could last thousands of years, but also to build a civilization and control a large slick of land that stretched about 2,500 meters. This is the distance between Ecuador and Chile. known to us from modern times. It is indeed strange that they were neither a bloodthirsty people nor a control. But they were in love with expansion. What is really surprising amid all this is that the achievement did not have any form of money circulating among the population. Everyone has what they want from the government. The quality of social life was remarkably excellent. One of the most important advantages of the Incas was that they were social people by nature.

The Incas were borrowing some of their customs from the people they were invading

The Romans are known to borrow from the civilizations of the peoples they invade. The Incas have done the same. The Incas respected the peoples they were invading. They were working to ensure that they felt safe and peaceful within the people. So they were borrowing a lot of things from their civilizations. Perhaps this has enabled them to build this peaceful civilization, which enjoys engineering, architectural and artistic excellence. Without money or wealth, these new peoples are totally different from each other.

The Incas believed that clothes reflected your social class

As we mentioned earlier, the Ankac society was based on wealth sharing. The Government was therefore providing the people with everything they needed, even in clothing. They were distributing cloth and clothing to the division. They distribute coarse fabrics to the general layers and soft fabrics to the nobles. As for the great God Saba Ica, he only wore clothes once that did not recur. 

Diseases are the main cause of the elimination of the Incas

Some historical sources said the reason for the disappearance of the Inca people was their unwillingness to resist some European diseases. That is why when the Europeans marched into the Americas and occupied the Incas. They were loaded with strange diseases such as running, which claimed 50 percent of the Inca population. In addition to other diseases, which spoils the story of The European, which has been rumored that without the technique and progress of the Europeans, they would not have been able to control the new peoples. The reality is that if the Incas were at full strength and number. He could repel and resist the Spanish invasion and succeed in resisting its colonization by the Europeans.