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He united religions and imposed his power along India. The iron fist holder and the sultan who arrived at a young age to the throne. to rule and order in the most difficult parts of the earth. The lover, the strong and the Muslim man that India still remembers today. He inspired the filmmakers and his story remained present today. Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar. greater than the rule of India.

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In October of 1420, Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar's eyes came to light. The child who will lead the country and will reach its rule at a young age. Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar was born in The City of Omar Bout, now in Pakistan's Sindh province. A father is the sultan of the Mongol kingdom of India. At the age of 13, his father, Sultan Hamion, who had just regained his throne from Afghan Prince Sher Shah Suri, died. Hamion left the world and asked for the extradition of his son Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar. Perm Khan should be his guardian. 

Jalaluddin Mohammed takes over the country's largest government

Thirteen spring took office. No one expected him to be sentenced to 50 years. He came to power with the province of Punjab and the vicinity of the capital, Only Belahi. Greater rule began with the control of the powerful in the palace. Chief among them is Perm Khan. whose rule was expanded by the Sultan. But Akbar forced him to retire after four years. to take over effectively without interference from anyone. He rearranged the papers of his palace and his rule. He then set out in his conquests to expand his control and his king. He initially entered the state of Malo, which is rich in abundant agricultural crops. Despite his young age and experience, he surprised everyone with his intuition and plans. Instead of the sword, launch the biggest new policy. relied on diplomacy with the power of the sword. He was negotiating and trying under the pressure of force. If it doesn't work, the sword is the interval. On the same path, Akbar continued his conquests and expanded his king's territory and control in India. Especially with the Hindu Rajput states. They are a political class that rejected the rule of the Muslim Mongols. They have always tried to break away from them and establish their own state. But he succeeded in bringing all their states to his rule. Either by flattening or by force. He then went on to please non-Muslim peoples on his land. where he left them the task of running their states. It began with the centralisation of the financial system and the reorganization of tax operations. Hindus and Rajput were also allowed to participate in his Government. He gave them major ranks in the army. He then abolished hajj taxes altogether with the non-performing military service tax for non-Muslims. He was mainly interested in india's many religions. He urged them to participate in debates before him that were being held in the Imperial Court. to then inaugurate the divine religion. which was considered a doctrine in all of India. He made all religions respect other religions in India and despite criticism, Akbar continued his plan. Seeking to unite India militarily, politically and socially.

JalalUddin Mohammed Akbar no sabe leer y escribir!

Perhaps one of the most interesting highlights of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar's story is that he is the man who united India and is my mother. He didn't know how to read or write. All his upbringing focused on equestrianism, management and governance. When he grew up, he took an interest in philosophy, science and religion, and his court became a cultural center in India.

jalaluddin muhammad akbar wife jodha

jalaluddin muhammad akbar wife jodha

His mixing with and tolerance of other religions was behind him a great love story. I encouraged him to keep going. She is the quality of Hinduism, the daughter of Rajput. that I love and asked her father. in an attempt to resolve differences and unite his kingdom. At the same time, alliances are built through marriage. Jouda entered a larger palace forced unwilling to marry even though he did not force her to change her religion. Months later, under the bishop of the Emperor's Palace, the love story of Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar and His Quality was completed, which gave birth to his crown prince, who took office after him. 

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Jalaluddin Akbar's rule ended in his death in 1605 after he arrived in Gujarat, Bengal, Kashmir, Sindh and Kandahar. in an empire that his founding grandfather did not reach. A unique judgment that no one has done. He took over with a scattered empire and left him with a great empire that was not absent from the sun with his love, which was immortalized in novels, films and stories about his life and rule that continues to this day.