Secrets behind belle and Sebastian cartoons


The real child behind The Cartoon of Bill and Sebastian

series has inspired many generations of children to play a pivotal role in raising them to noble values. He later turned into a past full of beautiful memories. Loyalty, love, sincerity and sincerity. In short, this is Bill and Sebastian. which has been translated into the majority of the world's languages. Among them is Arabic. His story may seem simple and understandable even for children. But it has a love story. Both sides are French stars who were just looking at it as a dream for young people back then. A strong Moroccan leader whose father led to the dismissal and exile of Mohamed V. What does Bill and Sebastian have to do with all this? That's what we'll know in this article. So follow us.

The Adventures of Bill and Sebastian

The Adventures of Bill and Sebastian

The story begins with a seven-year-old boy named Spaska living in a remote mountain village in the region between France and Spain. He meets a white dog named Bill. Fleeing the people and the police. Who thought he was a stray and hurtful dog. By chance, he met with the child Sebastian, whose parents left him when he was young and knew nothing about him. A strong relationship arises between the parties. Both were aimless in life. And collect them lost. Events escalate when Sebastian decides to take on a big adventure with dog Bill. Looking for his mother, whom he doesn't know. On his journey, Sebastian gets to know a lot of friends. He and Bill face a lot of events and trouble. Like always trying to steal his dog by thieves. The series takes place in a form of suspense and excitement. It offers several lessons in fulfilling and upholding values and doing good. 

Author of The Story of Bill and Sebastian

This story was written by Cecil Aubrey. Who is Cecil? What does it have to do with the Emir of Morocco?

Cecile Aubrey is a Parisian and a well-known actress who reached international fame when she signed a contract with the fox giant. To go beyond Europe's borders. She becomes one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood. It then became a source of pride for every Frenchman. And just as she was heroin most of her work, that's how she actually was. She was the champion of many film festivals. The little blue-eyed blonde first appeared in Morocco in 1950. During the filming of Hathai's Black Rose. During filming, she met the son of the most powerful man in Morocco at the time. 

Author of The Story of Bill and Sebastian

He played a pivotal role in the expulsion and exile of Sultan Mehmed V in 1953. Benefiting from great internal influence due to his support for French colonialism. One evening, he met again with Ibrahim, son of Kalawi Pasha. Little did she know that they had a close love affair that night. Soon the two married and had the real child behind The Cartoon of Bill and Sebastian, who named him "Mahdi". In the nineteenth and fifty-sixth year.
Mahdi Kayal

who remained as secret as was the case with their marriage. She doesn't want anyone to know anything about her private life. Her husband also wanted because of the customs and traditions that prevailed. Given Cecil's stardom, the details of her life were followed by the press. After six years of secrecy, they were revealed to expedite the marriage arrangements. In 1970, her husband died some time after their separation. His death marked a crossroads for their son Mahdi. who will become a global star later.

 Sebastian Al , Maghrabi

After the death of Mahdi's father, Cecil wrote and wrote. After it was the icon of the French screen. She also had great skill in front of the camera. Well she was in writing. I wrote Bill and Sebastian's novel. Mahdi Al-Kalawi was the hero of this story. Because her son also lost his father shortly after he was born. So he didn't recognize his father. The rugged mountains in the series are similar to the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. where the love affair originated and their son came to life because of it. He later became the hero of Bill and Sebastian's novel. Mahdi was not only a hero in the novel. Cecil even began teaching her son acting at an early age. I made him a hero of the Bill and Sebastian series in 1965. The French were following it with great passion and after more than fifteen years, specifically the year 1990 and 81. The story turned into a Japanese anime and achieved great global success. Mahdi al-Kalawi did not stop his artistic activity here. He will later participate in many film works. In 1985, he receives the Cesar Short Works Award. 

Mahdi Kayal is big
'Mahdi Kayal is big'

His mother Cecil died in 2001 after she was 80 years old. She left after writing and directing an inspiring series for several generations of children. Are you from Bill and Sebastian's generation? And did you know the true story of the series? Tell us that in the comments.