"Mr Bean" the silent legend, is ranked among the smartest people in the world


mister bean laughed at the whole world without saying a word. With a red tie and a unique comedy character. Attracting Mr Bean the attention of followers around the world to present one of the most famous comedy series in history.

Mr Bean

mister bean or Mr Bean and his star-studded story

actor Rowan Atkinson or mister bean as he likes to call everyone. With his stupid attitudes in the famous series and his funny behaviors. The world thought that character Mr Bean was really exactly the same as it is in the series. But reality says otherwise. Rowan was born in January 1955. Specifically in the English province of Durham to be the youngest of his four brothers. Rowan studied in the same area until he graduated from high school to join Newcastle University, obtained an engineering degree, and then decided to build a wider road in the same field and went to Oxford University to obtain a degree in electrical engineering. In the end, however, he discovered that engineering was not his true passion for life. He went to work on television. Specifically in writing and comedy. Rowan Atkinson made his debut in 1979 on a BBC comedy show. He then participated in several comedy series until he appeared in one of the most famous series. It is a Blackadder series. But the world did not know it widely until the year 1990. He premiered his famous series Mr Bean Which was a paradigm shift in the march of weakness. It has been a great success over the years. It was seen around the world non-stop. Some even described him as the most famous comedy series in history.

But the question remains is Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean really stupid?

According to film and acting critics, Mr Bean talent for displacing comedy scenes is described as impossible for trainees. It stems from his talent, not an acquired training, and he has succeeded in breaking all the rules of fame. At a time when appearances and fashion dominate the world of cinema, Mr Bean succeeded in his sarcasm and simple dress by attracting his lovers. Mr Bean is also on the Super Juniors list. which comprises zero intervals of one percent of the planet's intelligent humans. He also has Score in IQ.

As a sign of his great intelligence, Atkinson recalls the dynamic incident of the plane's work. One day, Mr Bean was on a single-engine plane on vacation in Kenya with his family. When they reached an altitude of sixteen thousand feet and at a speed of fifty miles. The pilot lost consciousness and the plane swerved. Within very simple seconds, Mr Bean succeeded in understanding the dynamics of the aircraft's work. To take over the mission for the pilot. Although he's never been on a plane in his entire life. Flying aircraft is a complex and difficult task. But Mr Bean managed to understand it in just a few seconds.

It is smart to go back to comedy again. Mr Bean t famously ranks as one of the fifty most funny characters in British comedy and the world. He has also received numerous academic awards. Among them is the British Academy of Films Award in 1981. The Lawrence Olivier Award is also in the same year.

Mr Bean  fortune !

Mr Bean fortune today is estimated at about $130 million. He is also ranked among Britain's richest with his keen intelligence and creativity in comedy. Although he disappeared from the screens many years ago, Mr Bean is still the most famous comedian. He is always remembered for his cynicism. And his wit. Are you a follower of Mr Bean? Or do you have another opinion on it?