Snow White story as you never knew it before!

سنو وايت

Snow White story 

The story of Snow White is one of the most famous female fictional characters ever. produced by Disney's Would. But the truth is that it has a long and ancient history hundreds of years older than Disney. The character is based on the well-known story in which Europe became famous, the most famous bavarian version compiled by the Green Brothers, and snow white story, the first princess in Disney history and the first real character to honor putting her own star on the Hollywood fame aisle. Continue reading this article to learn more about the snow white story as you never knew it before!

Author of story snow White 

snow white story was initially created by the Green brothers, two German brothers, Jacob and Phil Helm, linguists, researchers, and writers who together compiled German folk stories in one 19th-century book. It was not the story of the snow whites and the seven dwarfs. It's their first story. There are many stories that are credited with spreading them. Like the story of Cinderella, the prince, and the frog. Hanson and Gretel. Red dress as well as rapunzel story. The Brothers attended the Marburg University of Education. There, they became increasingly attracted to German folk stories. They decided to devote their lives to her. After the graduation and death of the only family father of the family. Jacob's older brother was forced to look for work. Until he found work as the secretary of the Castle City Library and in the same year he took office, his mother died and his brother followed him. In 1980, their first book, eighty-six stories, was published. They were soon followed by two other volumes and a book on German superstition and mythology. 

Walt Disney Co. adopts Snow White story

Wallisney re-adopted this exciting character and presented it for screening in the first film, which was screened in cinemas in 1937. The film is entitled Snow Whites and Seven Dwarfs. The story of the film was set in a distant land in the time of fairy tales and magic. A beautiful and mysterious woman lived as the evil queen who possessed evil magical powers after selling her soul to the evil spirits that inhabited the German Harris Mountains. The Queen has reached this high status after marrying king Widower. Prior to his death, he transferred all the kingdom's governing powers to his wife. This queen has a magical mirror that gives her the power to look at what she wants whenever she wants. When you look at this mirror, a scary demon appears surrounded by thick smoke. Meets her requests. There has always been a misunderstanding between the mirror and the queen. Where does the Queen always ask the mirror who is the most beautiful woman ever? The mirror answers that the most beautiful woman is Snow White. Despite the Queen's many attempts to humiliate Snow White by making her subject to her authority and order. The Queen also made her work as a maid for fear that Snow White's beauty would become greater and bigger than hers. But the magical woman returned to assure the conceited Queen that Snow White was the most beautiful woman ever, prompting the Queen to hire a hunter to kill Snow White. Snow White's character is innocent, gentle and cheerful, and can be obeyed by her excessive kindness, as well as her extra confidence in others leads to her getting into some trouble. Or be exploited by the Queen, her evil, conceited stepmother. Her personality is affectionate, loving, sensitive and sweet-spoken. And lively. This is despite the feeling of some towards her that she is a little strict. Because she was forcing the seven dwarfs to wash their hands constantly. The birds, whose voices frightened the poor old lady who did not know she was her father's wife, the evil queen, were also scolded. This is in addition to the special magic inherited in the character of Sno White. Which makes her can snatch the heart and love of everyone who knows her, but snow white clothes are decent and traditional. She was known for her famous dress with a blue waistcoat and puffy sleeves striped in red and blue. Make her appearance contradict that of her stepmother. But the character of the queen's narcissistic stepmother puts her in constant conflict with father and daughter and in order to become the most beautiful woman in the world. 

The first actress of snow white story and the opinion of critics in the story

The actress and dancer was Joanden Kling Solv. The first person to portray the snow white character at Disneyland. In the year nineteen fifty-five. Apart from this eternal struggle in the film, most critics see Snow White's character as polarized and unearstive. This is contrary to what the character described on the pages of a magazine as unique and walt Disney will never get a similar character and will never have a heroine like a fictional lyric voice again like Snoa White. That's why she's the favorite heroine of many animation authors. Contemporary critics feel snow white lacks independence, self-esteem and nervousness, unlike many disney heroines who have been introduced in popular Disney movies, and some have accused Snow White's relationship with the prince of being superficial, chemistry-free. It is worth mentioning that most critics at the time of the premiere of Snow White story in 1937 felt that the audience would forget the film as soon as it came out of the theaters, according to some because of snow white candour that makes her say everything with extreme innocence that makes her character closer to boring. Some strongly assumed that the real film was about the evil queen and the seven dwarfs. And it's probably the mirror on the wall wrong. Perhaps the evil queen is the most beautiful woman ever. 

The success of Snow White's story and the Academy Award

Despite all this, Snow White story has won a large number of international film awards. She is also the only fictional character to have won a star in hollywood's fame. The first film, snow white, seven dwarfs or snow whites and seven dwarfs, was produced in 1937. It is the first of its kind in the world of long animations, contrary to what is often claimed to be the first in the history of cinema for animated films. Many people see it as a clear and distinct sign of animation. It also contains a lot of advanced artistic and technical inventions used in the film. The production budget for the film is about one comma of forty-eight million U.S. dollars. What's a record. The company's investment profits, founded by Walt Disney, were significant at the premiere of the film. This makes the film a success that cannot be ignored. Disney won an honorary award for the film as the first feature film for animation and did not receive the award, which represents only the Oscar statuette. It is delivered with seven other small statues as snow whites and seven dwarfs. Snow White story was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music.