Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan The Memory of Arab Childhood for Entire Generations


Tariq Al-Arabi Tariqa is one of the most prominent founders of Spacetoon Arabic channel

Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan

You may be wondering what this name is, have you heard of it before? The answer may be yes, and most likely it is no. But what if I reminded you of those words?

Previous Do not hesitate later. Winning is certain. He who strives will never be defeated. towards victory. mm okay. How about in the woods the law applies everywhere. Now I remember it was our best memory. Childhood memories and songs cartoon series. We were brought up in the care of our parents, away from the noise of technology and the digital world that has become dominant over us. Those songs that he excelled in writing, composing, and presenting to us in that image are the Algerian-Syrian composer and composer Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan. He is credited with leaving an impressive artistic heritage that has been supported by all of our generations and has remained stuck in our minds until today. Today we have to talk about the owner of that artistic legacy and truly praise him. What brings happiness to our souls for years and years.

Who is Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan?

Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan was born in Damascus, Syria, on the twenty-second of August of the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine to a Syrian-Algerian family. In his childhood, he was not that child obsessed with music or animated cartoons. But he was obsessed with sculpture. He liked to see pictures of statues and know the news of his contemporaries. So, after completing his basic education, he chose to enroll in the College of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture. Unfortunately, he could not complete his studies. Due to some of its own circumstances. However, later on, he was able to complete his studies and obtain a degree in sculpture. After a while, Tariq began to listen to music a lot. It became attached to it. He began practicing it first as an amateur until he became a professional in the field of composition, composition, and singing.

The beginning of Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan entry into the world of children

Although children's songs were the door that brought Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan two ways into the world of art, he was not a specialist in the beginning. At first, he worked as a novice musician in some restaurants and cafes. Until luck catches him. One day, Tariq had a friend sitting in the same restaurant where he plays. He was waiting for a composer to compose one of the cartoon songs. However, the composer missed his appointment for the third time, to offer Tarek, by chance, to compose the song.

Mowgli's cartoon song was the first that Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan composed for

Indeed, Tariq succeeded in creating the wonderful melody and it was the famous Mowgli tune. Which he considered the closest to his heart throughout his career. Hence the real breakthrough for Tariq, who established a very special style in composing and composing children's songs and animation films. He began to create a sea of ​​works that have remained immortal until the present day. Which we were raised on when we were young.

The works that Tariq Al-Arabi Tarqat composed and composed for her songs

  • Mocha Mocha.
  • Ninja Turtles.
  • Captain Majid.
  • Detective Conan.
  • Thunder defeater.
  • heroes of digital.
  • Earlier and later
  • Simba
  • No and the seven dwarfs.
And of course, Mowgli, which was his first. Even the stories of the prophets in all its parts. Works in which Tarek is distinguished in a unique style and melodies with a depth of influence, unlike all the melodies of children's songs that we are accustomed to. It is among the children's songs for a series of the most wonderful songs that he composed, composed, and sang some of. On its head is the anthem of the moon of our master the Prophet, who excelled in choosing his words and forming the tavern in a sweet way that matches the description of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be the best prayer and peace, and other wonderful songs, such as walking with the light of God, and by God, O Maulana, and this is the book of God.

The works that Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan composed and composed

Despite this successful series of valuable and timeless artworks, Tarek was not satisfied with his success as a rich composer and author but decided to contribute more effectively to the formation of the mentality of the Arab child through his contribution to the establishment of one of the most famous children’s channels in the Arab world for several decades. It is the channel Spacetoon. Which may still be a favorite of some of us even in our present age. Perhaps Tariq's talent was a big factor that helped him achieve such a resounding success. But his mentality in dealing with the child itself may be the factor that has the greatest credit for that success. According to what Tariq said in one of the press interviews, dealing with a child is very dangerous. The mistake towards her will leave a strong impact that may grow with him and be difficult to fix later. The mentality of young children is like a plant that will grow upright. If it is crooked, it will be very difficult to repair. These words show us Tariq's interest from the beginning in his career in the work he offers to the children of his country. And the sensitivity of what it offers. And it has strong effects on the upbringing of children. Perhaps this interest in presenting his message is the cornerstone of Tariq Al-Arabi's success. As for the completion of his artistic career, perhaps the Arab Music School will be renewed in us by his sons Muhammad, Dima and Tala. They followed the same path as their father, with the same high sense and great concern for the mental health of our children.