'Cinderella' the beloved tale to the heart of children was not inspired by imagination!


A fictional character from the most famous folk tales that have become famous around the world. The story contains some moral and social values and parents take this story as a means of cultivating these values in their children. Her story highlights the suffering of injustice and stress and culminates in the victory of good and the reward of the oppressed, and the elements of the story highlight how truth and a good win in the end, and no matter how strong the injustice will break its fork, this story is considered one of the most prominent and important stories that parents love to tell their children before bed and the story is suitable for girls and children alike, even though the girls enjoy it more.

Meaning of Cinderella's name

Cinderella's name means the small glass shoe and the metaphor means cinderella's name means the person who has achieved an unexpected victory and achievement. After a long-suffering, Cinderella also symbolizes the ash girl. This is in reference to the ash, which was often hung in her clothes while doing her housework. The story revolves around a girl named Cinderella living in difficult circumstances and suddenly transforming her life into a life of well-being.

The truth of cinderella's story

Some historians tell that Cinderella is the story of a real girl narrated by the Greek geographer Trapo. Sometime between seven and twenty-three BC. Historian Astrapo recounted that the Greek nation married the King of Egypt and lived a life very similar to Cinderella's. Her story is often referred to as Cinderella's oldest known story, and historians admit that another Cinderella-like story is that of Chinese Yxian, whose story was first mentioned in 860 AD. The first European version of the story was published in Italy in the book The Tale of Tales, published in 1634, and author Gian Batista Basil, Basil was a poet and author of fairy tales born in February 1966 and is famous in Europe as one of the collectors of fairy tales, Basil developed only one book in which he collected all the tales and called the book the tale of tales. A book film was produced in 2005. The stories were republished in 1967. 

 By Charles Prolet, also known as Charles Perot. Peru was born in January 1628. He is a French writer and poet who is regarded by many as the cornerstone of the type of fairy tale. He is best known for his collection of other stories, such as the red hat, which is famous in Arabic in the same red dress. As for the modern version of Cinderella adapted and adopted by the Walt Disney Company, it is noteworthy that its status was the brothers, it is mentioned that the two brothers put it in their collection of stories known as fairy tales from Germany, which they published in the year 1800 and 12, their collection of stories spread widely and translated to more than 100 languages around the world and quoted in many cinematic works.

The lesson learned from Cinderella's story

Cinderella's story tries to embody hope for the future, wait for good after suffering, suffering, and hope for a better life where a girl dreams of marrying the prince and believes she will live a better life and will live in a beautiful palace from her young age. At the end of the story, the girl reaches her will and fulfills her wishes after long patience, hard work, and painstaking work. The Walt Disney Company made its first cinderella cartoon in 1950 and portrayed her character as a vulnerable girl. Her stepmother and daughters conspire against her, cinderella appears all the time oppressed and does all the housework instead of the wife and daughters. Despite the great hatred of her stepmother, a nice and kind witch helps Cinderella reach her dream of attending the king's ceremony, impresses the prince, and then marries him later. 

Critics' opinions on Cinderella's story

Some critics argue that Cinderella in her classic form was not an influential or powerful figure. This is because she has made no effort to realize her dream. She also kept waiting for the prince, who came to save her from the life in which she lived, with humiliation. With the sad beginning of this story, Cinderella was filmed enduring the constant humiliation and ridicule of her stepmother. Some think that over time the young may remain passive trying to withstand bullying and ignore the pressure for the problem to pass. But this was not a strong style in Cinderella's character in the eyes of some, Cinderella could have tried to talk to her father and communicate her vision of the stepmother and her daughters to him with the utmost transparency and clarity. Cinderella's story has also affected many people who have come to believe that happiness is impossible. Without a prominent place in society and extreme wealth. It should be emphasized, of course, that one may find happiness in good health, communication with loved ones, or even in mutual love between oneself and others. 

In order to be happy, one cannot remain as happy as Cinderella. Who spent her whole life waiting for the confused prince. The story has also led many women to believe that by having good clothes with high sums, the world's attention can be owned without others whose clothes may be normal, but they get the love they need around them. The dress certainly doesn't change a person's life. These details may not be taught to their daughters by any parent because over time the girl will find work and try to stress in it and bear the burdens and pressure of those around her such as the stepmother and her daughters and your daughter may waste her life at work waiting for the reward that may not come. It should also be emphasized that your daughter understands that marriage is not the end of the story. In real life, life after a wedding does not turn into a fairy tale. 

But everyone should work to develop relations between the two sides and reach satisfaction with compromises. Also spread in the modern era a complex talked about for the first time psychotherapist Colette Dowling in the year 1991 and eighty-one in which she classified that this knot is widespread among girls and that it makes the girl infected in constant begging for the care and attention of those around her and develops the knot as the injured age and Dowling remembers that she chose the name of the knot on the name of cinderella character because she is a very beautiful girl and has the energy to work perfectly but she did not try to object to the abuse of a husband Her father and not her insult. The term Cinderella effect is also widespread in evolutionary psychology. He points to a high rate of violence and child abuse by a stepfather or stepmother. Not all of these negatives prevented the story from spreading widely. Cinderella's story has been adopted in many films and books. People like to refer to the girl who achieved a great victory after long-suffering in the name of Cinderella.