Elizabeth Holmes, youngest female billionaire 'She claimed to be a genius '

Elizabeth Holmes has created an attractive innovation about building a compact and portable analysis vehicle named after Thomas Edison. She said she would be able to conduct 200 different types of tests easier and faster. using a needle of blood. That's how Holmes started her company and she's still young. Within years, employment reached 800 people and was worth 10 billion dollars.

Elizabeth Holmes

Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

The heroine of the story today is Elizabeth Holmes, the youngest female billionaire in the world. which reached the first billion of its bank account before it was over 30 years old. In 1984 Holmes was born in Washington, DC. For a well-off family. She studied chemical engineering at Stanford University. But she did not complete her studies and left university at the age of 19. to establish her own project. In 2003, she founded her company Ferranos, which specialized in medical analysis and became one of silicon valley's first companies. 

The invention that Elizabeth Holmes claimed to have created

By promoting a well-promoted idea that seemed impossible to implement, Holmes succeeded in attracting the attention of her major investors. It has worked to generalize an innovative new method of blood analysis. She said it was faster, less expensive, and more feasible than the usual method. Blood testing and analysis have not developed in more than half a century. Elizabeth Holmes came up with a new idea from her invention that with one small prick in the finger and one drop of blood, 70 laboratory tests could be performed in a short time frame of no more than a quarter of an hour at a low cost. According to its innovation, there is no longer a need to withdraw a quantity of blood for each analysis. A single needle will do for hundreds of tests. The girl was excited. Her idea, if applied as she imagined, earns money and time for the patient and also helps the doctor. The technology you propose is highly feasible and low-cost.

How the world received Elizabeth Holmes's impossible idea

Thanks to her strong personality, charisma, and overwhelming presence on satellite channels, her idea was well received and welcomed by the world's top figures within a few years her company became of the largest companies in the world. Some described her as a former woman of her time. Forbes magazine ranked her as the world's most famous American billionaire. She is a self-made woman who made her own fortune without relying on anyone.

Discover Elizabeth Holmes's deception

Elizabeth Holmes' machine could not deliver on what it promised. Experts have warned her that it is physically impossible to build the device in its perception. But she was confident. When the Walgreens pharmacy chain was to be delivered. I felt that it had failed miserably. Only secret tests were found to be carried out by traditional means. Not as promised at all. This turned this deal into a farce after it became clear that building the so-called Edison was scientifically impossible. What has been built is a medical device that will endanger the health of individuals by providing inaccurate results. Elizabeth was very interested in promoting her idea well. She has made several documentaries, including numerous drone footage, videos, and movies. that holmes' project showed as an unprecedented scientific achievement. But Elizabeth was thinking of it as if it were just a movie. One documentary featured Errol Morris himself as a trusted person. to promote that myth. Despite some footage that showed doubt and fear in Elizabeth's blue eyes, her permanent confidence denied the suspicions. Perhaps the filmmaker didn't notice that Holmes might be a fraud to focus on to expose her.

Elizabeth Holmes's fall caused frustration to all who followed her 

Another aspect of that novel illustrates the tragedy Holmes caused so many women. who followed her with her remarkable success at that young age. So her fall was not only frustrating for her, but for many who followed her and admired her. Whether women or men. Chief among them are the world's top figures. like Henry and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Former Vice President, current President Joe Biden, Senator Sam Nunn, even Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch and many others who believed in and followed her, Elizabeth received moral and material support of up to nine billion dollars raised by Elizabeth through her false project. What's worse is that when she was exposed, she hired lawyer David Point to intimidate people who threatened to expose her to the public.

Elizabeth Holmes' husband

Holmes was released on bail and in 2019 she married William 'Billy' Evans, the heir to Evans hotel group, younger than Holmes, now 29. They had a baby recently.

Elizabeth Holmes today

The young billionaire, who was nicknamed the world's youngest billionaire, eventually be reached a fraudster facing justice. She could be sentenced to prison. After her arrest and defamation, her fate remains unknown to this day. Hope and ambition may be needed. But with reason and wisdom. Too much optimism can lead to the same fatal fate. Do you think dear reader that Holmes deliberately deceived from the beginning? Or is it just an overly optimistic adventure?

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