the genius lisa su who changed the world's view of the mirror


lisa suThere is no doubt that a successful person is the one who seeks success and sacrifices in order to reach him. And he stays up the night to get it. This story belongs to one of the most successful women in the world. She is a woman who has proven that success does not recognize sex, the homeland, or the form. In a business world filled with men's dominance, many can easily succumb to failure. But Lisa Sue was the only woman who was hopeful and had great ambitions at a time when most men had given up.

Who's  the genius lisa Su?

Lisa Su was born on November 7, 1969, in a coastal city in Taiwan. Her father is retired statistician Chun Huisu. Her mother was a well-known accountant and san peso entrepreneur. Her parents emigrated to the United States at the age of three. At first, her father and brother encouraged her to study mathematics from a young age, and at the age of three, Lisa harnessed her entire focus to learn engineering and mathematics. At the age of six, she was able to save the entire multiplication schedule with the help of her father. Her mother also introduced her at that age to general business concepts. Lisa Su was already curious and had a way of thinking that distinguished her from the rest of the girls her age. While the girls were talking about fashion, clothes, and love affairs with men, Lisa was busy with numbers and numbers. At the time, Lisa was setting her future goals of becoming an engineer. In doing so, she began to dismantle her brother's games, especially remote control cars, and repair them. She is still 10 years old. 

In high school, Lisa got her first Apple2 computer. The genius she enjoyed was her curse, making her look more like a boy than a young girl in her prime. But she didn't care about these things. Her only goal was to prove herself and get what she wanted even if she was a woman. Lisa graduated from Pronkeza High School of Science in 1986.

Lisa Sue's future was bright

She had a choice between two majors. Computer science or electrical engineering. Lisa chose electrical engineering as the toughest major of all engineering disciplines. Since her first year at the university, Lisa has worked as an assistant researcher on silicone chip manufacturing for graduate students. She joined them as a non-graduate student. Her focus on electrical engineering continued throughout her university life. She earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's degree later from MIT in 1991. She also studied PhD with Adan Three Anthony Yeds, the institute's consultant from 1990 to 1994.

It was a technique used to increase transistors and was not installed at the time. Lisa received her Ph.D. from the same institute in 1994. In electrical engineering, once she graduated and received her Ph.D., she worked for IBM, a leading computer company. Lisa signed a contract to serve as technical assistant to CEO Roger Estner in 2000. Lisa says about the period that she was her manager. There was no one in total. She was also interested in finding solutions to the problems. Although some of the problems were not within their scientific or academic discipline.

Lisa became AMD's vice president because of her talent

More than 10 years later, Lisa moved to AMD computer supplies. It has overseen business units and the comprehensive commercial implementation of its products. Unfortunately, at that time, the company was struggling against its competitors. Its failed projects have made it lose billions a year. The company's shares were also declining and no investor wanted to buy a company and save it from bankruptcy. At the time, the company was planning to officially declare bankruptcy. There was no agreement between the administration on the wisdom of lisa su's appointment. Within the company's team in these difficult times. All investors objected to Lisa's appointment. For them, the problems of a company were incapable of male geniuses. So what distinguishes Lisa Su and what did she have to offer a company falling into the abyss? This position made Lisa in a very critical position. The situation was also a factor against her.

How Lisa Sue saved AMD from bankruptcy

Lisa made a quick decision to stop all existing global projects implemented by the company. until you develop a new plan to work on it. Lisa's plan included the company's involvement in giant global projects in three to four years. This bet was accurate and dangerous, it meant that within this proposed period if the company did not succeed in these projects, it would mean that it would fall forever. But Lisa was thinking that the company originally had nothing to lose or venture into. Therefore I found that there was no harm in risking. From the first day of her work at the company, Lisa was not sitting in her office, working among engineers and her employees, and she loved it because she was watching the work as she was establishing friendship between her and them. This close relationship has contributed to increasing the efficiency of employees and increasing their focus on the company's objectives. By the year 2000 and 17, AMD had even begun to compete in the market again after everyone thought it was over.  The company's cheap product prices and good efficiency have attracted more customers and increased sales, pushing the company's share price from two dollars to 90 dollars per share. The company's value has also risen to 90 billion US dollars. The company is cheap and its products were good. Millions of customers were, therefore, attracted again and the share price rose from $2 to $75. The company has reached more than 90 billion US dollars.

Lisa Su honored for her achievements

Lisa Su was selected as one of the top 100 inventors until THE MIT Technology Magazine. Lisa Sue published about 40 technical articles. She was therefore selected as a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in 2009. In 2006, she was named one of the top 50 women in technology. It is one of the top 50 Asian Americans in business.

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