Sponge Bob is an addict and the hall of hamour is a nuclear field!

SpongeBob SquarePants

Can you believe SpongeBob and his friends are a bunch of drug addicts? Did you know that the hamour bottom was a nuclear testing field? Who among us hasn't seen the famous SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon episodes? One of the animations that adults and kids love, yet there are some shocking and exciting facts about Sponge Bob Square Bants and his friends that will never come to mind. Our dear viewers are welcome. Today we will be showing the other side of the famous series Sponge Bob Square Bants. Don't be shocked by what you'll know!

The ages of Sponge Bob Square Pantes' shocking characters!

No matter how much we watch sponge pop fun episodes, it won't come to our mind that SpongeBob's gentle age is thirty-five years old. He was born in 1984. He also appeared on his driver's license. The 79-year-old was also found to have his driver's license. 

The Seven Deadly Sins in SpongeBob SquarePants

Did you know that the main characters in SpongeBob are inspired by the seven deadly sins? Mr. Salta's character represents either Samson represents envy and it was clear that a simple character represents laziness, but Sandy was playing the role of vanity, and of course we all know that Shafiq's character represents anger, but the snail of SpongeBob represents lust and SpongeBob remains. Is fame.

Fast and simple in sponge pop cartoon cousins  

Of course it won't occur to you that SpongeBob's best friend, Quick Snail, and his favorite neighbor, the simple star, are related. But if you search the family tree you will find that simple and fast cousins. If you think it doesn't make sense to have a starfish as the snail's nephew, remember that animation is sometimes out of logic. You must remember very well that Mr. Salad's daughter is a female whale.

The only fish that appeared in Sponge Bob Square Pantes

The strangest thing about the series is that although it rotates under the sea, the main characters are not fish, which make up mostly 90 percent of SeaWorld. Throughout the show, only one fish, Madame Nafikha, appeared. The famous driving instructor in sponge bob's boat. 

Shafiq is not a squid

What Shafiq is famous for is spongeBob's neighbor and simple is that he is a squid. But in fact, it is not a squid, but an octopus. But the strange thing is that he has six limbs, not eight, as the octopus is known biologically.

The bottom of the hamour in The SpongeBob Carton is the result of nuclear tests

One of the things that won't come to anyone's mind is that the hamour bottom we see in all sponge pop episodes is taken from the Marshall Islands. The United States of America carried out a fair share of nuclear nesting in the 1940s and 1960s on the island.

SpongeBob, his friends and drugs

There is a strange theory that SpongeBob and his friends are more likely to drink narcotics. This theory was visible through images made of SpongeBob that are very similar to those steeped in narcotics. They explained sponge's strange situation as he had a crazy imagination. He likes to blow bubbles and hunt jellyfish. They also noted that he suffered from one type of hallucination throughout the series. 

SpongeBob SquarePants is basically a marine biologist

Stephen Helen Burke is credited with this interesting series. Marine biologist. He joined nickelodeon's team as a member of the writing and production team until he came to mind the idea of SpongeBob, which has been a great success since its first episodes were shown to board members, where the two of them had to get out of the room laughing.