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anastasia romanov

There may not be a historical figure whose story was as mysterious and the legends woven around her as the princess. Anastasia Romanov, the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, is another Russian Caesar, but her story, unfortunately, did not end well. She was shot dead along with all her family in 1918, and people say she escaped because the Russian government did not announce it at the time of the assassination, and the girl's body was not found along with Caesar's five other children.

 The story of Anastasia, Princess of Russia

We've all watched Princess Anastasia Disney, but no one knows what's hiding behind this story, so we're going to have a story with you today. Anastasia Romanov is the real. What made Anastasia's story even more mysterious was some girls claiming to be the real Anastasia, so world cinema attracted the idea, producing a film based on Anastasia's fictional escape novel, but in 2009 he overturned a DNA analysis of scales. Anastasia Romanov's body was found with the rest of her family. In 1913, the Romanovs celebrated their 300th anniversary as president of Russia, and the family ruled for nearly 304 years until Nicholas II resigned on March 15, 1917, after the February Revolution and was exiled to Siberia with his family members. Caesar had four daughters and one son: Olga, Tatiana, Mary, and Anastasia, the youngest of whom was boy Alexei, who was three years younger than Anastasia. 

The birth of Princess Anastasia Romanov

Princess Anastasia was born on June 18, 1901. God should respond to their prayers and revive the Russian monarchy by giving them a son. Indeed, God gave them the boy Alexei in 1904, but he had hemophilia, and at the beginning of the 20th century this injury was It means that the boy may not live until he reaches adulthood. All members of the Romanov family have become almost isolated from the world due to their only son's illness. Anastasia was shorter than her sisters, her hair blond and her eyes blue, with her wonderful activity and humor, she was not keen to stick to any traditions of empire and she hated studying and loved to play, climbing trees, and eating chocolate while wearing gloves, working tricks on her cousins, a wonderful imitator and loving actions in the family plays.

Anastasia Romanov and her family jailed

After the revolution and the tsar's abdication, chaos prevailed throughout the country, and the Tsar was out of the state at the time and was initially unable to return to his wife and children, after which they were imprisoned in the Palace of Tzarcosilo, and in August 1917 they were transferred to Siberia and imprisoned in a small house in Siberia amid the harsh cold. After the family prison, Anastasia did her best to maintain the morale of everyone, and although preventing outside activities was particularly difficult for her, she sewed, read, and painted.

Anastasia Romanov brutally killed with the rest of her family

On July 17, 1918, at 2 a.m., the family woke up and Anastasia Romanov, carrying her dog Jimmy with the rest of the family, climbed the stairs to the terrible basement of Yekaterinburg, where they were told to wait, and the news came that the White Army was desperately trying to free caesar. Therefore, until the Tsarist era was completely over, orders were issued by Russia's supreme Soviets headed by Vladimir Lenin to kill them all. The family was told that they were going to a nearby house to be photographed and shown to the nation to make sure they were alive. Suddenly, about a 12-man executioner broke into the scene, shooting at the whole family with the servants lining the far wall, and Anastasia was among the last to die, who was just 17 years old. Later, in testimony from the Bolshevik firing squad, they said that even her pet brutally killed him, smashing the dog's head down the gun, throwing him with the dead in the truck, mutilating the family's bodies, and burying them in the forest.

Bury Anastasia Romanov and her family

The bodies of Caesar, his wife, and five children were buried in two tombstones, and the Russian people were not informed of caesar's death alone, and rumors spread that the rest of the family had managed to escape. From Russia, up to empress Anastasia Romanov's grandmother Who fled Russia after the revolution to stay with her sister Queen Alexandra in London, wrote in her memoirs that she was sure that everyone had left Russia unharmed and that the Bolsheviks were trying to hide it. Their tombs, which bore no evidence, were heavily guarded until 1979. Lenin was afraid to get into external problems with the rest of the Romanov family, who ruled most of Europe at the time.

There are allegations that Anastasia Romanov is not dead!

In 1920, when many Russians, members of the Russian ruling family, and nobles fled the revolution, a young girl survived a suicide attempt, and the girl refused to reveal any information about her personality, so she was taken to a mental hospital. One patient told her that she looked a lot like Duchess Tatiana, caesar's eldest son. But it turns out that the young lady was much shorter than Duchess Tatiana, so a rumor spread among patients that that girl might have been Anastasia Romanov Because it was short, although this claim may be funny since it was very difficult for any member of the Romanov family to escape from the Bolshevik Guard, rumors began to spread among the neighborhoods of the Romanov family. Some claimed that one of the guards who transported the bodies found that Anastasia had not died while carrying outside the basement and that she was protected by wearing some royal jewelry that prevented bullets from penetrating her body. He removed her and became his mistress and he later died in a street brawl, because of this claim some members of the Romanov family went to the hospital where Anastasia was staying, and some noticed the similarity between her and Anastasia, where her eyes were blue, while the other denied that it was her because Anastasia's mouth was smaller than her mouth. The girl's mouth and Grandmother Maria refused to see the girl and is said to have received confidential reports that the whole family had died at the hands of the Bolsheviks. The Duke's sister went to see the girl and finally arrived, but she was curious. As for Empress Alexander's brother, wife, and uncle Anastasia Romanov An investigator was assigned to search for the origin of the unidentified girl, and it was discovered in the care that she was called 'Frazska Shanzkoska', a Polish worker, suffering from a mental disorder.

Anastasia Romanov and the appearance of the truth of her death

In 1991, a grave containing the remains of the Romanov family and the four servants executed with them was found, and forensics determined that the remains belonged to the family, with the exception of Anastasia and her brother Alexei, but after a while, another cemetery was found. It was found by chance with several remains, the remains of a white and blue striped shirt, the same as Alexei's, and in 2009 it was confirmed that this cemetery belonged to princess Anastasia Romanov And her brother Alexei.

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