Girl In The Basement "Elizabeth Fritzl"


Girl In The Basement "Elisabeth Fritzl" 24 years in custody in the basement!

Girl In The Basement Elizabeth Fritzl

 Austrian public opinion was shaken in April 2008 over the unique rape of a father who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years in the basement of his home and had seven children without arousing the suspicions of his neighbors, the police, or even his family, who lived in the same house.

Who's Joseph Fritzl, Elizabeth's father? 

Born in April 1935. Joseph grew up in an orphanage and when his mother was released from detention during World War II, she was in a difficult psychological state. She beat him and dealt with him very harshly. He later moved to another city to study electrical engineering. He then worked for the electronic technology company. He married Rose Marie at the age of 21. And it's getting a good time. He bought a large house in a village years after his marriage. The house was renovated and partly divided to rent it. He prepared a plan designed to expand the cellar. And the establishment of secret rooms behind the door of the closet. With an area of not more than 35 meters. And secure it with two doors to access it with electronic locks. Open with secret codes.

Elizabeth Fritzl, daughter of Joseph Fritzl

Elizabeth was born. His daughter is in the 1960s. She was beaten and harassed by her father. She fled the house to Vienna in 1983. But she was returned because she was not of legal age. Nearly a year later, the father asked his daughter to help him in the basement to put the drug on her until she passed out and put her in the secret part of the grave. The girl was observed missing as her mother filed a report with the police. But Fritzl risked a hellish plan. He wrote a letter saying that she had traveled to join a religious community. Then the mother's heart was relatively reassured. The mother took the letter to the police to stop looking for her. He took her food every few days. Her place of detention has a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. He buys her items from outside the town so as not to catch the eye. His constant descent into the basement is justified by the fact that he manufactures electronic devices in his workshop below. He prevents his wife and children from going there because he is not distracted at work. Every time he went down to the basement, the father brutally raped his daughter.

Elizabeth Fritzl pregnancy

After three years of physical abuse. Elizabeth Fritzl became pregnant as her birth date approached, Joseph Fritzl gave her scissors and a book explaining how to give birth, making her wrestle with her own destiny. The cellar is located under the floor of the rent-free room garden and warned tenants not to sit in the garden, but the cellar was completely soundproofed, with no sound heard and no life for those who called. She gave birth to her first child and then another. In 1992, her child Lisa, who suffered from a congenital defect and needed surgery, was born and had to take the child out and put the child at the door of his house with a letter written by Elizabeth Fritzl in her handwritten hand saying that she was her daughter and asking her parents to take care of the child and her mothers. In 1994, she gave birth to another child. Her name is Monica. To get the same ball back. He placed it at the door of the house with a message like the previous one. Two years later, Elizabeth gave birth to other twins. One of them had breathing problems. He died a few days later. Friedson had to burn it in the oven. He took the other and put him in front of his house. Like those who preceded him to adopt them and raise them as their grandfather. She then gave birth to her last child and remained with her in the basement. He constantly threatened to kill them in different ways. If they try to touch the door or make any sound. 

Photos of the basement where Elizabeth had lived for 24 years

Photos of the basement where Elizabeth had lived for 24 years.

The End of Elizabeth Fritzl Torment

In 2008, he was carrying the beginning of the collapse. At the end of Elizabeth Fritzl's years of pain, her daughter became ill and asked her father to take her to the hospital. After an effort of begging and undergoing, he agreed to take her to the hospital. To show that she has kidney failure. The doctors were surprised that she did not carry any identification papers and asked him about her mother because they needed some answers about the girl's condition, saying that she always put her children in front of their house and go. They had to make an appeal to Elizabeth Fritzl on TV. When she saw the call, she insisted on going to see her daughter and the rapist's father agreed. She went to the hospital, where she was detained by the police as soon as she arrived. They interrogated her for neglecting her children. Elizabeth refused to speak at first. She then asked them not to approach her and then told them the whole story. They immediately detained the father and raided his home to see all the circumstances of the 24-year-old crime. Friedson tried to disavow his crimes by claiming that what happened was consensual and that he was nice to his children. In one trial, he confessed to doing so. After he saw Elizabeth sitting in the audience. He covered his face with a blue workbook during the trials. ashamed of what I did. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and charged with various charges such as coercion, incest, deprivation of liberty, rape, slavery and murder charges, life-securing for Elizabeth and her children in a remote village, and issuing new identities so that they could live a normal life after 24 years of the underground prison, tears, and rape.

Fritzl made a strange and provocative statement that his desire to eat the forbidden fruit was strong and that he regretted and regretted his family for his actions. But unfortunately, it came too late, and his lawyers tried to defend him by saying that he loved his daughter in his own way!

Elisabeth Fritzl now

Today, Josef Fritzl is 86 years old and is still in prison, where he was sentenced to life, as we mentioned previously. As for his daughter Elizabeth, she is today in her fifties, and the most recent photo that appeared of her was taken when she was 16 years old. Where the authorities helped her hide her identity from the people in order to be able to live a normal life after the suffering, injustice, and atrocities she suffered. Where she changed her name and is said to live today in a village in Austria to keep her location unknown.

Today Elizabeth Fritzl lives with the children she gave birth to in the basement, who are now between 19 and 33 years old. In order to overcome the traumas they were experiencing, her now-grown children underwent treatment. However, it is said that even now when they sleep they leave the doors of their rooms open. Security guards take turns patrolling the two-story house always, and they have constant CCTV monitoring. Despite the lack of information about her life after prison, reports in 2019 claimed that Elizabeth and her bodyguard "fell in love".

Girl in the Basement movie

In 2021, a film about the same true story of Elizabeth Fritzl was produced, starring "Judd Nelson" as Joseph Fritzl and "Stepanie Scott" as Elizabeth Fritzl.

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