The true story behind Valentine's Day celebration


On February 14th of each year, many celebrate Valentine's Day. Or what is known as the Flantin, named after St. Valentine. But this day wasn't always about love. It was about murder. Who is this saint? That's what we're going to get to know today in this article.

Valentine's Day

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A story that occurred in the 3rd century AD, specifically in the era of the Roman Empire, where Emperor Claude Yos II was the ruler of the empire and at that time faced two challenges: the spread of plague and smallpox among people, which caused the elimination of the lives of more than 5,000 people on a daily basis, including soldiers.  The emperor had to find a solution to the shortage of soldiers. Given the belief at the time that single soldiers were stronger and more tolerant than married soldiers. The Roman emperor ordered a ban on marriage between soldiers so that they would not be preoccupied with the order of their families. This period also witnessed internal unrest following the assassination of the former emperor that citizens were forced to worship the Roman gods and those who rejected it were considered an enemy of the state, as well as Christians who were persecuted to leave their religion, otherwise killing would be the fate of those who objected.

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In the third century, Rome participated in many bloody campaigns during the reign of Emperor Claudius II and the emperor wanted to maintain a strong army, but had difficulty joining the army because of their strong association with their wives, he believed, and feared for their families to die in the war. When Claudius found out he had ordered his execution, Valentine became one of Europe's most famous saints in the Middle Ages, and by the time his execution date on February 14, he was linked to Valentine's Day.

Saint Valentine

St. Valentine, the centerpiece of the Valentine's Day story, was one of the Christian saints, and because the burning of Christian scriptures was destroyed, he did not know much about St. Valentine, he was either a priest in Rome or a bishop in Kern, central Italy, who devoted his Christian life among the people, which eventually led to his murder by Emperor Claude Yos, as historical references stated, that he did not accept the emperor's discussion in the Roman gods and insisted on Christianity and to stay away from paganism. St. Valentine did not accept the emperor's decision to ban marriage soldiers. That's why their husband secretly lost his way out of the government's eyes until he was discovered. He was then imprisoned and asked to renounce Christianity in exchange for his release. St. Valentine did not accept it, which led to his death sentence.

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Historical accounts say that before his execution, Valentine gave a miracle to convince Emperor Claudes of Christianity. He called on his blind daughter to heal and recovered from blindness. Other accounts say that The Thick Ear is the daughter of a jailer and was executed on February 14, 2009. Pope Glavius then appointed St. Valentine's Day in 496 AD. Teams for the 14th birthday. The story of the Saint began and was added to the emotional character and was nothing more than popular novels circulating among the people and undated. The popular novel added the story of the saint's love to emperor Claude's daughter II or the jailer's daughter, according to other accounts, and he wrote her a love card, the first love card ever written.

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According to the Catholic Encyclopedia history mentions at least three saints as Valentine. They were all executed on February 14th. But they lived in different places and were killed for various reasons, and because many records were destroyed, the details of the lives of these priests remained inaccurate and continued to be passed from generation to generation until they were first printed in historical and official books in 1960. Valentine, who served in Rome, was reportedly sentenced to death after revealing that he secretly married the soldiers. During his imprisonment, he forged a strong friendship with a young woman believed to be the jailer's daughter. Her farewell letter. He was then executed by beating him to death. When the plan did not work, he was beheaded. The oldest tradition of celebrating love in February originated from a Roman festival called Lubrakalia. It was held annually in mid-February and was very popular. Then, in 496, it was announced that February 14th was St. Valentine's Day. The writings of many poets such as Shakespeare, Chocker and others contributed. in linking this day to romance. Until it became at the end of one of the world's rituals through which what became known today as Valentine's Day is celebrated.