Inventing Anna - The real shocking character Of Anna Delvey - Netflix


The Invention Anne True story: everything you need to know about Anne Delway, including her murders and her current whereabouts.

Netflix's Inventing Anna tells the crazy true story of Anna Sorokina, who pretended to be Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress living in New York. Netflix's new true-crime series Inventing Anna has captured the imagination of fans around the world, but many are wondering what is fact and what is fiction.

The series tells the true story of Anna Delvey (Julia Garner), better known as Sorokin, a Russian-born fake German heiress who carved her way into New York society by swindling hotels, banks, and wealthy friends.

Anna Delvey The dramatic true story of the Netflix crime drama Inventing Anna

Delvey's rise and fall were also portrayed by Vivian (Anna Chlumsky), the fictional character of journalist Jessica Pressler, who revealed this wildly improbable true story in 2017, and his former mistress Rachel Deloach Williams (in the series), who complained that Delvey had swindled her out of thousands of dollars (portrayed by people who knew him, including Katie Lowes).

However, Inventing Anna is a mixture of real and fictional characters, and Williams criticized the creators of Inventing Anna, Shonda Rhimes, and Netflix, in an article published in Air Mail magazine, for misrepresenting Anna in the article as a "special and even inspirational character".

They added: "Netflix is not broadcasting a fictional story. In fact, they are promoting a con artist and putting money in his pocket." In every episode of the Netflix series, a wonderful disclaimer is repeated: "This story is true. Except for the parts that are completely made up." So who was the real Anna Delvey and what did she do, read on to find out to what extent the backstory of inventing Anna - The real shocking character Of Anna Delvey - Netflix

The Real Anna Delvey Story

Anna Delvey -real name Sorokin- is a woman of Russian origin who posed as a wealthy German heiress and swindled large sums of money from banks, hotels, and members of New York's high society. Anna Delvey was born on January 23, 1991, in Domodedovo, near Moscow, Russia, but grew up mainly in Germany. She and her brother grew up in a middle-class family; her father drove a truck and her mother owned a small grocery store. Anna Delvey, 31, moved to New York for fashion week in the summer of 2013 while working for the French fashion magazine Purple. She had previously studied at Central Saint Martins University in London, but she dropped out and moved to Paris, where she changed her surname to Sorokin Delvey.

Upon arriving in New York, she joined Purple magazine in the capital and began networking with wealthy members of the New York art scene, pitching investors her idea of ​​creating the Anna Delvey Foundation, a private club, and arts foundation.

Over the next five years, I tricked everyone into getting thousands of dollars of various acquaintances, promising to pay for airline tickets and hotels and 'forgetting' to pay them back, all the while claiming that she had money from her family. She also convinced banks to lend her hundreds of thousands of dollars and deposited bogus checks, all the while defrauding hotels and preventing credit card issuance.

What crime did Anna Delvey commit?

Sorokin infiltrated New York's upper-middle-class circles by pretending to be a wealthy German heiress. During this time, she deceived countless people, hotels and banks, often using invalid credit cards and fake bank statements to give the appearance of wealth. She also created the Anna Delvey Foundation, a private club and art foundation, to attract donations from wealthy people and promote her brand.

Between 2013 and 2017, Sorokin borrowed money from friends, including art collector Michael Shu-Fu Huang, who according to New York Magazine forgot to pay back 'a few thousand dollars' for airline tickets and hotel bookings, but according to Artnet, she eventually said she paid back the money from his account aka Venmo.

In January 2016, Anna Sorokin organized a birthday party at Sadelle's in New York and hired a PR company, but Huang says she received a text message from the restaurant a few days later asking for her contact information because she had not paid the bill.

The Netflix series claimed that Sorokin created fake bank statements when she tried to raise money for her Anna Delvey Foundation and used them to apply for a $ 22 million loan from City National Bank, which was later proven in court. This has never been proven.

He then contacted Fortress Investment Group, which said they would consider the application if Sorokin deposited $ 100,000. So he returned to the city and persuaded the employees to take out a temporary overdraft on that amount, according to the New York Times. When Fortress became suspicious and tried to arrange a meeting with a banker who claimed to be in Switzerland, he withdrew his loan application.

According to Rolling Stone, Sorokin also cheated Citibank 2017 by depositing $ 160,000 in fake checks, of which he received $ 70,000, and he managed to book a return trip of $ 35,390 with the charter booking service Braid without paying in advance.

Sorokin moved from hotel to hotel, followed up with the payments and was evicted from several hotels. In October 2017, Sorokin was arrested in an undercover operation. At the time, she was in a drug treatment facility in Los Angeles County, California. When she was charged, she was estimated to have stolen about 275,000 US dollars.

On April 25, 2019, Sorokin was convicted of eight counts of attempted robbery in the first degree, robbery in the second degree, robbery in the third degree and theft of services. In May of that year, he was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison, fined $ 24,000 and fined about $ 199,000.

Where is Anna Delvey now?

After the trial, Sorokin was imprisoned in Bedford Hills Prison and then transferred to Albion Prison in New York, but was released early in February 2021 and returned to Instagram immediately.

However, in March of the same year, he was detained by the US immigration authorities for exceeding his visa.

Sorokin is currently awaiting extradition to Germany after being detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for nearly a year. Sorokin was previously reported to be released and sent back to Germany, but on March 15, 2022, an ICE spokesman confirmed to PEOPLE that he was still in New York, 'awaiting deportation'.

The German news agency Der Spiegel reported that Sorokin had refused to go to the airport and his lawyer had asked for a decision to be postponed so that his deportation would not take place at the last minute. The newspaper also reports that the US authorities are trying to postpone her departure date. Probably after she lost her appeal against the deportation decision on March 19.

Did Netflix pay Anne Delway to invent Anna?

In February 2022, Insider reported that Netflix paid Sorokin $ 320,000 for the rights to adapt his life story in the movie Inventing Anna. The magazine also reported that Sorokin used $ 199,000 of the money received from Netflix to return the money to the bank to which he owed money, and another $ 24,000 to pay a state fine.

In an open letter to Insider, Sorokina expressed her opinion on the upcoming Netflix series, stating that 'nothing draws me into this fictional image of me in a mental hospital without criminals.'

'I wanted to have my own life for a long time, until 'The Invention of Anna' came out.' Wrote.' I imagined the play as a kind of ending, summarizing and closing a long chapter. ' The almost four years of work and the hours of phone calls and visits that followed were the heart of the play, my story told from the journalist's point of view. And while I'm interested in how they interpreted all the research and material that's been presented to them, I can't help but feel that the cruel irony of repeating history is lost between the lines after they've been locked up in another awful cell. '