Marina Abramović : the actress who asked the audience to do whatever they wanted with her!


Marina Abramović

The famous and controversial Serbian artist, attracted attention for her most famous and extraordinary experience in the art world, an experimental theater performance called Rhythm 0, which she performed in 1974. Come with us to get to know Marina Abramović: the actress who asked the audience to do whatever they wanted with her!

Marina Abramović  the actress who asked the audience to do whatever they wanted with her!

Marina Abramović experience

During this experimental performance, in front of a live audience, Abramović sat quietly and steadily behind a table for six hours, from 8 pm to 2 am. She had requested and even insisted, that the performance not be interrupted or stopped in any way and no matter what happened on stage.

On the table beside him were a total of 72 objects. Various objects, some of them cute, such as roses, soap, feathers, combs, and handkerchiefs, etc. There were also painful and scary objects, such as scissors, knives, whips and pistols, iron chains, knives, scissors, and some other tools.

A large table was placed in front of the audience with various purposes

The amazing thing about the show was that the astonished audience had the right to act with the actress sitting in front of them as they wished, which meant that they could touch her and do anything to her without moving a finger...

The main goal I wanted Abramović to achieve with this kind of experimental performance was to answer the question: What would the audience do in a situation where they were given complete freedom to do whatever they wanted?

At first, the behavior of the audience with Marina Abramović was shy and sweet

How did Marina Abramović show go?

The show started, minutes passed without (Marina Abramović) moving, and on the other hand, the audience still hesitated before some dared to move.

At first, it went well, some of them offered her a rose or just shook her hand or kissed her on the cheek. the behavior was generally good and polite for the first two hours...then the madness began...someone suddenly slapped her... and the slap was like a spark that unleashed the latent evil in the audience's souls, others got up and slapped her, and others started groping her, then it turned into sexual harassment, and then it got out of hand when one of them tried to rape her, and there were those who used scissors and razor blades to cut off all her clothes and then took pictures of her and stuck them on her head. Then the same sharp knives started to explore and damage her skin. One of them cut her neck and the other inflicted various wounds on her body.

Then some began to behave harshly with Marina Abramović

Despite all this, Abramović remained very committed to his show, to the point that he was not averse to rape or murder. Even when one of them put a gun in his hand and pointed it at his neck and put his finger on the trigger, he did not resist or move! But she couldn't hold back her tears, so she cried. Ok, you might be wondering who stopped the audience from raping or killing her if she demanded that the show not be boycotted no matter what.

They stripped her completely and tried to rape and kill her

The answer lies with the audience itself, things changed when a woman from the audience sterilized Abramović wounds  and another put a dress on them. Eventually, the crowd split into two groups: those who defended him and those who wanted to continue the harassment. A huge fight broke out between the two parties.

Theater critic Thomas McFeely summed up what happened during the show as follows:

"The show has started well. Someone moved their body around themselves. Another raised his hand in the air. And someone touched it gently. Then the night began to heat up. At three o'clock all her clothes were cut off with a razor. At four o'clock, the same blade began to explore her skin. Her throat was slit so that someone could suck her blood. Various mild sexual assaults were performed on her body. She was so involved in the performance that she did not resist being raped or killed. Against her will, a group of community members began to protect her. When the loaded gun was pressed against Marina's head and her finger was around the trigger, a fight broke out in the audience."

The show ended with injuries all over her body and a loaded pistol aimed at her neck .. The picture after some of the audience treated her wounds and dressed her

This incredible performance reveals the hidden side of the human psyche when there are no boundaries on a social level.

When people are left to do what they want without law or deterrence, unwanted things happen regardless of the involvement, education, or culture of the society... What happens makes us think about the meaning and deep issues such as freedom, responsibility, authority, and respect.

To what extent can we be guided by our desires?

What can we do when we feel truly free without constraints?

What is Marina Abramović doing now ?

Abramović is finding it hard to believe that he will turn 74 next month. She is aware of the changes in her energy, confronts them, and treats them with good humor. Make every day a happy day. This is really a general rule. She said to herself that unhappiness and depression are a luxury. ”

She seemed to be doing better when she was in her forties. Does he agree? "I think I left my strong business in my twenties and thirties, but this was not a time for performance art. Performance was not seen as a major art form. I think perseverance is very important." After 50 years in the business, he says, "You become very mature. Like old wine." Laugh.

In the 1970s, she and Ori wrote a fascinating manifesto about life and art. In "A Life Manifesto for Artists," she stressed the importance of silence and solitude and offered helpful advice not only for artists ("An artist should not kill another human being" here, consider it, conspiracy theorists). Is it still working? She says 'a lot.' Don't fall in love with another artist. 'I actually fell in love with someone who isn't an artist, which makes a huge difference.' In fact, I failed twice, no, three times. I laugh and say, "Oh my God, that doesn't count. You broke the rules."