Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Want to know their full and shocking story, public trials, and more?


A romantic love story and the marriage of two Hollywood stars, no one expected it to end with talk of insults, beatings, millions of dollars in financial damage, a severed finger and a cosmetic company that uncovered his wife's lies. What has happened to stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard from their engagement in 2014 to the present. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Want to know their full and shocking story, public trials, and more? Continue reading the article.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Want to know their full and shocking story, public trials, and more

Fast marriage and faster divorce

The two American stars first met during the filming of 'Rum Diaries' and when they separated in 2012, they announced their engagement and then engaged in 2014, marrying in 2015 in a private ceremony, a marriage that lasted only 15 months.

Just two days after the divorce, Heard sued Depp accusing him of abusing her while he was under the influence of drugs and booze, and although Depp denied the allegations, a $7 million financial settlement was agreed upon, paying her to his divorce, which she announced she would donate to charities.

The two published a joint statement saying that their relationship was full of passion and love, that neither of them had claimed something that was not real for money, nor did they intend to cause harm to the other, either physically or emotionally.

Opinion article opens the door to trials

Everyone thought this was the end of the two stars' story, but it was the beginning, and in 2018 Hurd wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post telling her story of physical abuse, and although she didn't mention her Hollywood ex-husband's name, everyone knew who she was talking about.

Accordingly, the hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series sued his ex-wife for defamation and defamation, saying that because of these allegations his reputation had been damaged and he had lost many jobs, and had demanded $50 million in compensation, and Heard had met him with a similar suit but a $100 million claim.

The trial took place in a courtroom in Virginia in the United States, a state based on the Washington Post, which published Heard's article on the case, and the trial was broadcast live on the Internet, making it a global focus.

Although many of Depp's allegations had been used before by England's lost lawsuit against The Sun when she called him a "wife harmful", many surprises emerged at the trial.

Severed finger and beating confession

Deb accused his ex-wife of what she was accused of and even used the testimony of the treating doctor, who confirmed that he had treated Deb's severed finger, and in the hospital, the chef found the missing limb in the kitchen amid glass fragments.

Deb said the wound was caused by an altercation with his wife at the time and throwing him a bottle that cut off the tip of his finger, while she claim that he had beaten her, sexually assaulted her, and caused her several injuries, and the doctor testified that he did not notice any wounds on Hurd and that she, in turn, did not seek treatment.

Depp's team also revealed another surprise that was circulated by the media platforms after its publication, an audio guide to a recorded conversation between the couple in which the defendant's voice is clearly shown telling him that she was not punching him but hitting him and that he is a wonderful person but must grow up. 

The latest surprises of the trial did not come out of the courtroom, but from the official page of the cosmetics company Melanie, Hurd's lawyer cited one of their products as the defendant's way of covering her bruises and wounds throughout her marriage to Deb, but the company announced in a video, lasting only 15 seconds, that the product 'evidence' of Produced in December 2017, after their divorce in 2016.

Proof reveals Amber Heard lies

Some of the public commented on Amber Heard's lies after she told the court in Johnny Depp's lawsuit against her for defaming him. She said he had a fight with her on May 10, 2014, and beat her until he broke her nose. The audience searched and extracted a picture of Johnny Depp and Amber gathering on May 12, 2014, two days after the incident, which allegedly occurred two days later, and he was arriving at the airport because he was tied to travel to film, and the pictures appeared with no injury to her face.

Amber Heard escapes in front of Johnny Depp

One of the positions documented by the public was the moment Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were in court. Johnny Depp, accompanied by his lawyer, was heading to the podium to make a statement, and Amber made a quick move that surprised the audience as she slipped back as if she were afraid of Johnny Depp so he wouldn't hit her.

Amber Heard wears the same clothes as Johnny Depp

Amber Heard deliberately wore the same clothes as Johnny Depp and adopted his hairstyle for her hair, which was shown by photographing them day after day while in court.

Why hasn't Johnny Depp looked at Amber Heard since the start of the trial?

Johnny Depp's defense team began questioning Amber Heard yesterday, just on Monday after the case resumed. At the beginning of the interrogation, lawyer Camille Vasquez asked Amber Heard a clear question: "Mr. Depp didn't look at you once during this whole trial, did he?"

Vasquez continued to question her, saying, "But you looked at him a few times, didn't you? He promised you you'd never see his eyes again, was that true?" Amber Heard's response was that she did not remember whether he had said so or not, and the American star's lawyer only had to play an audio recording from one of the couple's recent meetings, and amber's voice was heard begging Johnny to give her a hug, but he refused, saying that she was never allowed to see in kind anymore.

Although Amber Heard filed a restraining order against her ex-husband at the time, she asked him for the last meeting at a San Francisco hotel in 2016, and Johnny Depp testified that he attended the meeting in the hope that Amber would retract her accusations.

Johnny Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, returned to question Amber Heard, saying, "He kept his promise, didn't he?" Amber replied, "As far as I know, he can't look at me," and Vasquez replied, "He's not going to look at you," and Amber came back to say, "He can't."

End of the sentence in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case

A jury in Virginia on Wednesday convicted actress Amber Heard of defaming her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, and also ruled in Amber's favor in some aspects of her counter-claim against Depp. The Board ruled that Amber would pay Depp $15 million in compensation, while the Authority awarded her $2 million in compensation.

Depp welcomed the jury's verdict, saying in a statement that "the jury gave me my life back. I'm really touched." Amber Heard, for her part, expressed "unspeakable" disappointment at the verdict, describing it as a "setback" for women.

"My heart is broken because the mountain of evidence has not been enough to withstand the imbalance of power, influence, and control in favor of my ex-husband," Amber said in a statement. She added that the ruling "hinders the idea that violence against women must be taken seriously".

The trial lasted six weeks and was widely seen around the world, and included evidence and testimony detailing the strained relationship between the former couple. Depp, 58, sued Amber for $50 million in damages, saying she had discredited him when she described herself as a "public persona who represents (the tragedy) of domestic violence" in a newspaper op-ed.

Amber, 36, claimed $100 million in damages, saying Depp abused her when his lawyer described her accusations as "malicious." Depp denied hitting Amber or any woman and said it was Hurd who used violence in their relationship. The trial saw the two stars' private lives publicly exposed to millions of viewers around the world who followed the proceedings. Since April 11, the jury has heard dozens of hours of testimony and audio or video recordings that revealed shocking details of the couple's lives between 2011 and 2016.

This is the second trial of Johnny Depp, whose defamation complaint in London was dismissed in 2020 against The Sun, which described him as a "violent husband." The representatives say they lost between $40 million and $50 million in revenue from lost businesses.