Second season of 'Squid Game': Netflix approves the return of Korean drama


The Korean thriller, which became the most watched series on Netflix, returns with a second season. What is the film about, who is in it and when can I watch it? We made a recording of the game

The streaming service has confirmed that the South Korean psychological thriller 'The Squid Game', which became the most watched Netflix series of all time and began airing in September 2021, will return with a second season. Second season of 'Squid Game': Netflix approves the return of Korean drama

Second season of 'Squid Game': Netflix approves the return of Korean drama

On Sunday (June 12), the official Netflix account shared a 10-second video showing baby Young Hee's big eyes and a song she sang during the deadly game 'Red Light, Green Light' in the first episode.

As the short video continues, the child's eyes turn bright red, and then the red light turns into the number '2'. The symbols – circle, triangle, and square – worn by squid game regulars are then shown at the bottom of the video along with the Netflix logo.

The video doesn't give dates not even 'Coming Soon' and just says 'Red Light'. GREEN LIGHT! 'The Squid Game' is officially back for a second season!'.

What is the synopsis of the second season of the "Squid Game" series?

While no plot details have yet been announced, a post by squid game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, titled "New Developments Are Coming," released to coincide with Netflix's Green Light announcement, suggests what to expect.

'The first season of 'Squid Game' last year took 12 years to complete. However, it took 12 days for 'Squid Games' to become a popular Netflix series," Huang wrote.

As a writer, director and producer of 'Squid Game', I would like to say goodbye to all the fans around the world. Thank you for watching our show and loving it. ' 

  • 'Ji-hoon' is back.
  • 'Bowman' is back.
  • 'Season 2' is just around the corner.
  • The man in costume who was with 'Dukuji' may be back.
  • We will also introduce 'Yeon-hee's friend 'Cheol-so'.
  • Take part in the 'next round'.

Hwang's report doesn't include much detail about the plot, but he has previously suggested that Son Ki-hoon will try to find out more about the deadly tournament and the people behind it in Season 2.

According to the English-language Korean pop culture site Soompi, in an interview with South Korean television station KBS in December 2021, "[The main theme of the season] will be the story of [Lee Jung-jae] Sung Gi-hoon, and [the secrets of the organization behind the game] will be revealed."

'The main plot of Season 2 is the story of the people Ji-hoon meets and the people he hunts. '

In an interview with the Times, he hinted at the possibility of a sequel addressing the question, "Why didn't the police act quickly when they became suspects?"

Who will return in Squid Game season 2?

In his post, Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk gave some clues about who might be back from season 1. Among them are players who died while trying to win the $45.6 billion prize and detective Hwang Joon-ho, who infiltrated Squid Game to investigate his brother's mysterious disappearance and died in a shocking discovery. The winner of the game, Jihoon (Lee Joon-jae), must return, determined, it seems, to track down those who are behind the 'Squid Game' and avoid meeting his daughter in Los Angeles.

One of them, Hwang In Ho, known as Frontman (Lee Byung Hun), who later turns out to be the brother of the missing detective, Hwang Joon Ho, will return. He won't be happy to find out he's still in South Korea because he was last seen talking on the phone, encouraging Ki Hoon to get on the plane.

In Hwang Dong-hyeok's reportage, 'the man in the dakji' refers to the 'seller' played by Gong-ju, who recruits people (who turn out not to be really random) to participate in an octopus game, in which the cards are spun and flipped. Along with Yeon-hee, the puppet with red and green light, we also meet her friend Cheol-soo. What game you will organize is an assumption of anyone.

When will the second season of Squid Game be available on Netflix?

Netflix has just confirmed that Squid Game will officially return for a second season, but it is not yet known at what stage the production of the second season is. Therefore, we cannot expect the second season of Squid Game before the end of this year and probably not before the spring of 2023. 

Will there be a third season of Squid Game?

Netflix and Hwang have so far only confirmed the second season of Squid Game, although the writer told KBS in December 2021 that he is in talks with Netflix for a third series. 

What is the game of Squid Game?

Squid Game is a nine-part drama from South Korea that became the most-watched Netflix series of all time when it was released in September 2021. The streaming service estimates that more than 142 million households watched the program in the first 28 days.

In Squid Game, a mysterious organization invites 456 indebted people to play six matches on the pitch over six days for a prize pool of 45.6 billion won (£28.6 million). The conclusion? If you lose, you die. In the first episode of the nine-part series, competitors play a deadly version of Statue, in which masked assassins controlled by the Front Man kill anyone at the slightest movement.

The show's final scene left open the possibility of a second season, and although screenwriter Hwang Dony-hyuk initially stated that he had no plans for a second season, he said that if that were to happen, it would be developed with the help of a team of writers and directors, rather than with the work of just one man as in the first season.