Who is Dr. Saniya Habboub, who was celebrated by the search engine "Google"?


Today, June 10, a Google doodle is dedicated to medical pioneer Dr. Sania Haboub, one of the first female physicians in Lebanon, who studied and graduated from medical school in the United States in 1931. Who is Dr. Saniya Habboub, who was celebrated by the search engine "Google"?

Who is Dr. Saniya Habboub, who was celebrated by the search engine Google

Dr. Saniya Habboub

Dr. Saniya Habboubis one of the names that has become an important icon in the field of medicine in Lebanon and in the Arab world, where during her career she paid great attention to many marginalized and poor people and became a doctor of the poor, which is mentioned in many novels and stories, as she is considered the first Lebanese woman doctor to study medicine, and today many people search for the story of Dr. Saniya Habboub and based on these searches we will give you the most important information about her.

Biography of Dr. Saniya Habboub

Many pioneers and internet site activists who love culture and information are interested in the biographical information that is available about Dr. Saniya.

  • Name: Dr. Saniya Habboub.
  • Date of birth: 1901.
  • Age: 82 years.
  • Nationality: Lebanese.
  • Husband: Muhammad Al-Naqash.
  • Occupation: doctor.
  • Years of activity: 1931.
  • Religion: Muslim.
  • Arabic.
  • Died: September 1983.

Who was Dr. Saniya Habboub?

Dr. Saniya Habboub was a Lebanese physician, born in Lebanon in 1901, raised in Lebanon and then went abroad to study gynecology. Practicing the profession and providing her services to many marginalized populations in Lebanon and various Arab countries, she was referred to by many as an "amazing doctor" and consequently became an icon in the field of medicine.

Dr. Saniya Habboub

Dr. Saniya Habboub story

The story of Dr. Saniya Habboub began when she decided to study gynecological medicine, becoming the first female physician in the field in Lebanon and in the Arab world to graduate in 1931. She graduated in 1931 and became the first gynecologist, after which she began working as a doctor in Lebanon and visited many Arab countries, and during her career she was able to hold many important positions and became an icon of female medicine in the Arab world, calling to reach out and help every poor and needy person, and she treated with humanity all the sick people she encountered during her work.

dr saniya habboub birthday date?

Dr. Saniya Habboub was born in 1901 and died in 1983, she was 82 years old when she died. This physician shaped many important advances in gynecological medicine in Lebanon, as she was the first female gynecologist in that era, and the quest grew within hours. About this famous person or medical icon who holds an important place in the hearts of many Lebanese.

Who is Dr. Saniya Habboub husband?

Saniya Haboub married Mohammad al-Naqqash in 1939, her husband was a well-known Lebanese journalist of Lebanese origin. He provided many services to all sects, nationalities and populations at the time and became an icon in the field of medicine in the Arab world as well as a role model for other doctors.

The Story of Dr. Saniya Habboub

Dr. Saniya Habbob story is one of the most remarkable stories we should know in order to learn from her, her morality and humanity. Her story began when she decided to study medicine and help patients in her country, in Arab and Muslim countries. In 1931, she received a degree in gynecology and has been practicing as a physician ever since. She was best known as a doctor of great morality and humanity, where she cared for the poor and was called the mother of the poor because of the living conditions she had to go through.

Currently, there is Saniya Habboub Street in the Ramlet al-Baida section in Beirut, which was named in her memory before the global search engine Google re-referenced the anniversary of her graduation from the Faculty of Medicine on this day, June 10.