Who is mathematician Stefan Banach, whose 'Google Doodle' celebrated?


'Google Doodle' today honors Polish mathematician Stefan Banach on the day this influential scientist became a professor. Who is mathematician Stefan Banach, whose 'Google Doodle' celebrated?

Who is mathematician Stefan Banach, whose 'Google Doodle' celebrated?

When was Stefan Banach born?

Stefan Banach was born in 1892 in Kraków, Poland, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He never knew his mother, so his father sent him to grow up with relatives in the city.

Why is Stefan Banach famous?

    1. During the First World War, he was declared unfit for military service because of his poor eyesight, so he taught in local schools.
    2. After publishing mathematics articles in his spare time, Stefan Banach took a job at lviv University of Technology. He was a mathematician and a self-taught teacher.
    3. The famous mathematician Hugo Steingauz met the young Stefan Banach and befriended him after hearing them discuss new mathematical concepts. Later, Steingauze and Banach became good friends and collaborated on pioneering work.
    4. Steingauze, co-founder of game theory and probability theory, called Stefan Banach 'his greatest scientific discovery'.
    5. Through his collaboration with Steingauze, Stefan Banach developed modern functional analysis, a completely new branch of mathematics. Many concepts bear his name, including the Banach space, Stefan Banach algebra and the Banach-Steingauz theorem.
    6. A hundred years ago, in 1922, Stefan Banach became a professor at the Lviv Technical University (now Lviv, Ukraine).
    7. In the 20th century he made important contributions to topology vector space theory, size theory, integration, set theory, orthogonal series, and functional analysis, which are still studied and used today. 
    8. After the occupation of the city by Nazi Germany during World War II, all universities were closed. Stefan Banach, his son and his colleagues were recruited as checkers of lice to study Rudolf Weigl's typhus. The ticks are used to collect blood to produce ticks infected with typhoid fever, which are then used to investigate possible vaccines against the disease.

                  stefan banach quotes

                  • The most beautiful and powerful creature of the human mind is "Mathematics".
                  • Good mathematicians see analogies. Great mathematicians see analogies between analogies.
                  • Mathematics is as old as a person.
                  • A mathematician is one who finds analogies between propositions; a better mathematician is one who sees analogies among the proofs, and the best mathematician recognizes analogies among propositions.
                  • We can imagine that the best mathematician is the one who can see analogies between analogies.
                  • I'm telling you that studying the humanities in high school is more important than studying math—math is too important.

                            stefan banach death (stefan banach death cause)

                            Mathematician Stefan Banach died in 1945 of lung cancer.
                            Stefan Banach had planned to go to Krakow at the end of World War II.

                            He wanted to join the mathematics faculty of the Jagiellonian University in Poland. However, he died of lung cancer in Lviv in 1945.

                            Banach made important contributions to the theory of topological vector spaces, measure theory, set theory, orthogonal theory, etc. He also had an extraordinary influence on the atmosphere in Lviv.

                            Lecturers would gather in noisy cafes to discuss problems and write them down directly on their desks. 

                            stefan banach jr 

                            Neurosurgeon Stefan Banach Jr. works in healthcare. He is the son of famous mathematician Stefan Banach.
                            He learned French from his father and speaks it fluently. But it's not just the language you inherited from your father that gives you your name.
                            His famous father also wanted him to be a mathematician, but James was always interested in science and biology.
                            He tried to make me interested in mathematics, but I was more interested in the humanities and the sciences,' he says. But as I studied and learned mathematics in high school, I became increasingly convinced that I couldn't compete with my father.'
                            So he grew up wanting to study medicine, and his father didn't persuade him to do it. On the other hand, it also believes that anyone should be able to make a living with a hobby.
                            In a 2012 interview, he stated that most of the information his father had given him was wrong. However, it could have provided the right information.
                            On the 100th anniversary of his father's birth, he was invited to be interviewed by Delta Air Lines. Most of the biographical information about your father was inaccurate.
                            According to the neurosurgeon, he suddenly received from me most of the biographical information about my father.
                            However, many times some things were added or changed before they were annotated and incorrect information was recorded. For example, my father was born on March 30, 1982, not March 20, as I was told many times.
                            Where did the error occur? This statement was made in passing by Steinhaus during a speech in memory of my father and was later repeated.
                            Steinhaus told me that when his father was born, he was raised by a washer named Banach, a nickname he took out out of gratitude.
                            He also told me more about his father's education and hobbies.