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who are we

This blog was created for everything related to the field of stories, scientific and cultural facts, legends, myths, civilizations of different peoples and secrets hidden behind the most famous personalities in an attempt to spread culture and knowledge and dig up secrets and facts and put them in your hands to be aware of everything that is unknown, hidden or unclear. For this, my dear brothers, (The story and what's in it!) is the best way to reach the truth, so make sure that you are with us.

Our goal

Our goal in The story and what's in it!  is to be the best place on the Internet to find, make available and accessible high-quality, informative content and to create diverse sources of knowledge and original, useful and in-depth content that our visitors will love. But we are not certain of the correctness of what we write, and you are absolutely free to believe or disbelieve what you read.

our team

blog (The story and what's in it!) does not contain is an individual work that is not followed by a team, but belongs to the owner of the blog only.

Responsible manager and owner of the blog

Baraah AL Naddaf: She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, specializing in “Software Engineering” from the Syrian Virtual University, experience in designing websites and applications, and I love blogging on Blogger and WordPress, and is interested in studying SEO for websites and preparing them for SEO search engines.

Finally, there is no basis for our success without your opinions, suggestions and criticisms that may benefit the blog and its visitors. Therefore, we welcome your directives to us to correct what you see as an error in the blog or alerting abuses.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our website through the Contact Us page.